Mr and Mrs Nerd

Queen of the nerds, Evie Jenkins, cannot possibly fit it at her new high school. Popular New York girl, Sasha, makes her teen high school life miserable. But can King of the nerds change all of that?

*Dedicated to my boyfriend Gabe x x x*


1. Summer

Six weeks holiday is exactly what you need after a year of school. But my time at Elmwood Primary School is officially over now - forever actually. I've been there ever since I turned four. And I will always remember this being the place I learnt how to count to ten, spell words and tie my shoes. This is my childhood coming to an end. But every cloud has a silver lining, right?

I mean now I'm free. I go to high school in September. High school. My amazing and memorable teen years start in high school. Boys; bras and make-up. The joys of being a teenager. All of these happen at high school and I'm literally buzzing. My mum has bought me the uniform already. Black skirt, white shirt, maroon tie and black blazer. That's a definite change from a polo shirt and culottes. 

I guess I've always been quite a goody-two-shoes. I always get full marks. Spelling test, times tables or pop quiz. I'm the class nerd, lets face it. I mean will anyone at high school really know who Evie Jenkins is? No way! They're all too popular to know or care who I am. I'm scared of rejection. Just this once, at my new school, I want to be popular. I have to fit it with the crowd. I can't spend my life being Mrs Nerd. Evie Jenkins has a voice and this voice needs to be heard. I will be popular! Or so I thought...

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