Mr and Mrs Nerd

Queen of the nerds, Evie Jenkins, cannot possibly fit it at her new high school. Popular New York girl, Sasha, makes her teen high school life miserable. But can King of the nerds change all of that?

*Dedicated to my boyfriend Gabe x x x*


3. Split second

Eyes. They're the first thing you tend to notice. And what a lovely shade of blue they are too. Freckles - dotted all over his nose. Mouth - with a smile that could melt butter. Glasses - so big and nerdy yet so attractive too. He sits down opposite as if God intended for it to happen this way. I notice his hand in mid-air in my direction so I snap back into reality and discover that he's trying to shake my hand. His hand has been there for over two minutes! I shake it shyly and he flashes his teeth with green and blue braces at me. I now love high school. I hear a loud snigger behind me and I whip round.

It's a tall girl with massive unnatural curls. She has massive breasts and is obviously wearing make-up. She somehow intimidates me. "Aw, how cute? Mr and Mrs Nerd," she snickers. At this point this girl's entire entourage burst out into a fit of giggles. She shakes my hand. "My name is Sasha - Sasha Bennett," she sweetly says, with a slightly American twang. I later learn that Sasha has immigrated from New York but her Mother still lives there - who seems to always send her the latest fashions.

Her entourage are made up of two girls and a boy (who I'm assuming is her boyfriend). There is Leanne McDonald, with brown hair and pretty hazel eyes. Katelyn Wood, who has auburn hair and dazzling green eyes. And Josh Brownlee, a boy with long, blonde hair who always wears a baggy beanie. These are seriously cool people - like not to be messed with ever. And I know what I have to do... it may be a long shot though. I will fulfill my ambition of being popular. But how?

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