Mr and Mrs Nerd

Queen of the nerds, Evie Jenkins, cannot possibly fit it at her new high school. Popular New York girl, Sasha, makes her teen high school life miserable. But can King of the nerds change all of that?

*Dedicated to my boyfriend Gabe x x x*


5. Nerdy Heart-throb

A week later, I currently have Ryan's phone number. I'm doing really well at Lake Whitmore - I've surrounded myself with some friends that I met in maths. But most importantly, I'm hanging out every lunch with 'the populars'. Sasha has taught me everything (how to roll up my skirt, how to undo my top button without getting caught and the top ten excuses on not doing homework). I love it! But some people don't...

It's Wednesday and I'm gathered with Sasha, Leanne, Katelyn and Josh. We're chewing gum and texting. Then Ryan approaches me. My heart does a double backflip. "Hey Evie, I need to talk," he says, distracted.

"Sure! What's up?" I grin.

"I've been thinking... I like you, Evie, and I want you to be my girlfriend. But you've changed. When you first arrived, you were perfect - clever, pretty and down-to-earth. But now? You've become popular, thick and snobby - just like Sasha was halfway through our relationship a year ago," he exclaims. I feel betrayed. Sasha or Ryan never told me they'd been together. Sasha made out that she hated him - which she probably does - but I thought best friends told each other everything? At this point, I ditch Ryan and hurry to the girls' toilets so that Ryan or Sasha doesn't see the mascara running down my cheeks.

Ryan is perfect. He's sweet, intelligent - he's a nerdy heart-throb. Sure, he's no Robert Pattinson but he is to me. And it comes to me. I have a titanic decision on my hands. Sasha (the school's most popular girl ever) or Ryan (the nerd from pure heaven)? The bell for registration wakes me from my thoughts. It seems this decision will not be an easy one.

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