Mr and Mrs Nerd

Queen of the nerds, Evie Jenkins, cannot possibly fit it at her new high school. Popular New York girl, Sasha, makes her teen high school life miserable. But can King of the nerds change all of that?

*Dedicated to my boyfriend Gabe x x x*


7. French projects or Foundation brushes

I am confident. I pull both Sasha and Ryan in front of me. We are all alone. "Guys, I didn't realize you two had history," Sasha blushes, "but I don't want to have to decide over you. But I have. It's the right decision, I know, but I just don't want anyone to get upset... Ryan, I'll be your girlfriend," I say with a smile. He grins from ear-to-ear but Sasha storms off. She's not upset, she just has had her pride hurt. Me and Ryan embrace in a warm and cosy hug at which point Sasha comes over again, "How dare you, Evie Jenkins! Embarrass me? Heck no! Congratulations Mr and Mrs Nerd!" she says with a smug smile. I just laugh to myself. I don't care if I'm not popular. I have the boyfriend of my dreams and who cares what people say? We are who we are so we should never change that. 

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