Mr and Mrs Nerd

Queen of the nerds, Evie Jenkins, cannot possibly fit it at her new high school. Popular New York girl, Sasha, makes her teen high school life miserable. But can King of the nerds change all of that?

*Dedicated to my boyfriend Gabe x x x*


4. Coffee and carrot cake?!

I'm so proud. I used my initiative to find Sasha's phone number. I punch in her number now; my fingers trembling. It rings. "Hello?" a sweet voice asks.

"Er... hi. It's Evie," I reply timidly.

"Do I even know an Evie?" she says, rather rudely too.

"Err...," I hate to do this but I have to, "It's Mrs Nerd?" I shyly mutter.

"Oh! Hi Evie," she exclaims, sounding annoyed. I manage to get her to meet up with me in Starbucks along with Leanne, Katelyn and Josh. 

I'm sat on a maroon squashy sofa drinking coffee. Suddenly, I spot Sasha coming in. She asks everyone what cake they'd like. All of them want carrot cake. "Coffee and carrot cake?" I cry. They all look at me puzzled. I feel stupid now. Leanne then explains that if you want to be as slim as us, you need carrot cake so I end up ordering a rabbit food cake.

I'm half way through my cake when I notice him. He strides through the door with his geeky friends. It's him! Sasha nudges me so I stroll over to his table. "Hello!" I say, rather confidently. 

"Oh hi! I never got your nam-" 

"It's Evie. What's yours?" I interrupt rudely. 

"I'm Ryan," he smiles. I'm on cloud nine.

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