Famous and infamous quotes from the known and the unknown.


6. youtubers


"alway deny the apocalypse, because if you're wrong, there is no one there to say 'i told you so'."

- charlieissocoollike (Charlie McDonald)



"it makes me so elatergasted that i made up the word elatergasted."

- wheezy waiter (Craig benzine)



"this quote will self destruct in 4...3...2...1... just kidding..or am i?"

- wheezy waiter



"seriously dude, stop it! you look like a tiger muskie on a tilt-a-whirl."

- zefrank



"the universe is spacious, and by spacious i mean filled with space parts- LOOK OUT!"

- wheezy waiter



"dead people are cold. it's like their heart isn't in it."

-wheezy waiter



"quitting is for losers. unless the game is to see who can quit the fastest-i quit!"

-wheezy waiter


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