The Quest

This is the third installation of Assassin Quest.


8. Chapter 8

"Tell me Rooshki, I said, who is the leader here." Rooshki looked at me for a moment and then furrowed her brow. "You mean, who is the Alpha?" She asked. I nodded. "That would be Rumius." She said. I nodded and began to walk away. "Why?" Rooshki asked, making me turn. "Why what?" I asked. "Why do you want to know." She said. "I need to put him down." I said. Rooshki's eyes widened and she grabbed my arm. "You want to kill the Alpha?" She asked. I nodded. "Then that means you must become the Alpha." She said. I nodded. "Only someone of royal blood can challenge the Alpha, she said, Remius is an exiled prince." I smirked. "Than I guess it's good that I am the grandnephew of the King of Mittachlan." I said. Rooshki grabbed my wrist and dragged me over to an older werewolf in the corner of the room. "Dragnius, she said to him, what can you tell me about this man." The werewolf looked between us before he spoke. "What is your name sir." He asked. "Daelus Luna." I said. The werewolf nodded and began going through a massive book of names on the desk in front of him. "Ah, here we are, the Luna's appeared in history for the first time three centuries after the coming of the gods, the first Luna was a king of this land." I looked down at the book and then at the werewolf. "Sir, you are the living descendant of an Ancient Royal Line, and you are worthy of the title of Alpha." He said. I nodded and turned to Rooshki. "So let's go kill the Alpha." I said. "I'm afraid it's not that simple, she said, you have to duel him as a werewolf." I furrowed my brow. "You have to wait till the full moon." She said. I nodded and sat down to begin my wait. 

I had been following Daelus for several days in my bird form. If only the others knew that I was a shape shifter, it would make things so much easier. I followed him to a house that was well hidden, if he hadn't walked up and knocked on the front door, I would never had noticed it. I landed on the windowsill of the upstairs window. The window had curtains blocking any way to see inside. However, I could still hear through the glass. After a few hours of waiting, it slowly became dark outside as night fell. Then I heard something inside the room. "So you are the one who wishes to challenge me for the title of Alpha?" I heard a voice ask. "Yes, I am." I heard Daelus's voice say. "Then I trust you know the rules of our duel." I heard the other voice say. "Yes, I do." Daelus said. Suddenly the curtains of the window were pulled open. Inside I could see a muscular man and Daelus standing across from each other. Both of them were wearing only a pair of pants. Suddenly, something bright made a reflection in the window. I cock my head to look behind me. I could see the full moon in the sky. I looked for a second and then looked back into the room. The man and Daelus were shifting into their wolf forms. Once they had shifted, they began to circle one another. Suddenly Daelus, who had black fur, lunged for the other wolf, who had brown fur. Daelus swung twice. One swipe missed and the other slashed into the other wolf's shoulder. The wolf shouldered Daelus back onto his back and dove on top of him. Daelus held the other wolf back by the shoulders while the other wolf snapped at Daelus's face. Daelus brought both his feet up between them and kicked the other wolf back across the room. Daelus jumped to his feet and lunged. He slashed once and connected with the other wolf's chest. The other wolf snarled and bit into Daelus's arm as he swung a second time. Daelus whined and slashed into the other wolf's face. The other wolf let go and slashed Daelus's chest. Daelus fell back and landed flat on his back. He was slow to stand. He was getting tired and that would be his undoing if he didn't kill this other wolf quickly. Suddenly the moon was covered by a cloud and both of them shifted back into humans. Daelus had caught his break. He stood, panting heavily and grasping his bitten arm. But the cloud moved again and they shifted back into wolves once more. The other wolf lunged for Daelus and slashed into Daelus stomach. Daelus fell to his knees and whimpered. The other wolf stood before him and raised his arm, ready to deal the final, killing, blow. Daelus looked up at the other wolf. "Come on Daelus, move." I thought to myself. Suddenly Daelus slashed with all his might into the other wolf's face. As he did, something smacked and splattered blood into the window. I looked and saw that Daelus's slash had taken the other wolf's jaw out of it's skull. Daelus sat for a moment and then he lunged forward and bit into the other wolf's neck and tore out the other wolf's throat. The other wolf fell dead, shifting back into a human and Daelus spat it's throat out of his mouth. Daelus stood and then he let out a long, loud, howl of victory. Soon the moon disappeared from view and Daelus shifted back into a human. His wounds healed and he wiped the blood from his mouth. Daelus turned and stumbled as he left the room. I jumped off the windowsill and flew down to the porch of the house and shape shifted into my normal self. It was time people knew my secret. 

I walked down stairs and was greeted by a group of cheering and clapping werewolves. "Long live our new Alpha." One of them shouted. I smiled and Rooshki ran up and hugged me. Suddenly the door opened and Sfargan walked in the room. "Congratulations on your victory Daelus." He said. I furrowed my brow and he set his hand on my shoulder. "Sfargan, I said, what are you doing here?" He smiled. "You are not the only person with a secret Daelus." He said.

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