The Quest

This is the third installation of Assassin Quest.


7. Chapter 7

The ride home seemed longer than the ride here. But I had more to think about on the way back to Chetica. Who were those whores that turned me, why did they do it, what did they gain from doing it? I was looking for all these answers and more as well. However, it did not occur to me that I had forgotten to bring food or drink until I was far from any towns. I would just have to hold on. Soon I collapsed, I do not know how long I was unconscious. I had gone without food, drink, or sleep for almost a week and it had taken it's toll. I awoke back in my apartment in Chetica the next morning. I looked around and found a note laying on my bedside table. It read; "Traveler, I found you laying in the rode on my way out of town and I brought you back to the guards. They said they knew who you were and would give you this note. I pray that you are alright. A concerned Samaritan." I laid the note back on the table and walked outside. It was nighttime, the perfect time for the werewolf whores to go hunting for more victims. I made my way over to the Blooming Flowers brothel and walked inside. As I stepped in the doorway, I was blasted with the scent of roses and other flowers. It was almost overwhelming. I pulled my scarf up over my nose and mouth, hoping to block out some of it. I spotted the House Mother and began to make my way over to her. As I walked a whore sidestepped into my path. "Hello there, she said, why do you have that hood over your face?" She asked coyly. I shook my head and stepped around her. But she just stepped in front of me again. "Why don't you take it off, I'll bet you're handsome." She said. I sighed and took off my hood. The whore stepped back with a look of surprise on her face. "By the gods, you're not handsome, you're gorgeous." She exclaimed. I shook my head again and gently moved her out of the way and continued to walk towards the House Mother. "Madame, I said, I'm looking for someone." The House Mother looked me up and down and then raised an eyebrow. "What kind of girl you have a fancy for?" She asked. "The Lycanthrope variety." I said, narrowing my eyes. The House Mother's eyes widened and she grabbed my spaulders. "Please, she begged, don't hurt them." I glared and pulled my hood back up over my face. "Why shouldn't I, do you have any idea what they did to me?" I asked in anger. "Their pack is dying out, they need more numbers." She pleaded. I grabbed the House Mother's wrist firmly in my hand. "Does this look like a person that cares?" I said. Then I pushed past her and up the stairs. Each room I walked past had the sounds of sex coming through the walls. I found a roster of which girls were in which rooms. Finally I found the Erudite girls in the room at the end of the hallway. I put my ear to the door and listened. I heard a man grunting and a girl moaning in rhythm with the man's grunts. Suddenly I heard the man scream and another, younger, girl laugh. That was it, I had my proof. I pushed back from the door. Strapped my arm blade to my arm, brought my foot up, and kicked the door in. On the bed laid the man, his shoulder bitten and he unconscious. The older of the two girls was covered in blood and her eyes had taken on a golden shine to them. The older girl snarled and lunged toward me, I kicked sideways and heard the girl whimper as my foot connected with her stomach, sending her backwards and onto the bed. The younger girl tried to make a run for the door. But I caught her by the throat and spun her, putting my arm blade to her neck. The older girl stood and paused. "Sit down." I said, nodding to a chair next to the bed. The girl glanced behind her and then looked back at me. "No." She said. I gripped harder on the younger girls throat and tapped the arm blade on her neck. "Do it, or I swear, with the gods as my witnesses, I will slash her throat." I said coldly. The older girl looked between us and then nodded and sat down. I pushed the younger girl forward and onto the bed. Then I stepped in the room and kicked the door shut behind me. "Now, I began, tell me why." The girls looked at each other and then looked back at me. "Our pack is losing numbers everyday, so we turn new people and equal out the drop in numbers." The older girl said. "You turn new people and ruin their life, I said, you ruined my life." The girls eyes saddened and they looked at the floor. "Where are they?" I asked. "Who?" The older girl said. "The other werewolves." I said. "South of here, about a twenty minute walk into the forest." Said the younger girl. I nodded and turned to walk out. Suddenly the older girl shot up from her chair and took another lunge at me. I spun and grabbed her throat, slammed her into the door, and lifted her off the ground. "You destroyed my life." I said. Then I threw the girl back into the younger girl and walked out of the room. When I got downstairs the House Mother ran up to me. "Do not fear, I said, they still live." I pushed past her and then walked out of the brothel and began heading for the so called werewolf pack. I got out of the city and began walking into the forest. After a few minutes, I decided to save time. I began running. I do not know how long, but the sun was beginning to rise on the horizon. Suddenly a man jumped from behind a tree and swung a massive branch at my head. I ducked and rolled. Then I jumped up and ran back toward the man, he brought the branch up, ready to swing. When I was within range, I jumped and kicked out with both feet. I felt a jolt as my feet connected with the man's chest and sent him sprawling. Then I disarmed him off the branch and smashed it into his stomach. The man dropped onto his hands and knees and then I kicked him across the face, knocking him unconscious. I threw the branch onto the ground next to the man's motionless form and turned to look a massive house. Hidden in plain sight with leaves and branches. Unseen but seeing. Just like me. I walked up and knocked on the door. After a moment a teenage girl opened the door and looked up at me, straining her slender neck to see my face. "Yes?" She said in a sweet tone. I gently pushed past her and looked around inside. No one was there, within sight to the naked eye. I couldn't think of anything else to do, so I howled into the cold night air that flowed through the house. After a couple of seconds, like a wave, a group of werewolves just, in simpler words, appeared. I turned to the teenage girl as she shut the door. "Why didn't you fight me when I pushed past you?" I asked. She shrugged. "I knew only a werewolf would be able to find this place." She said. "What is your name young one?" I asked. "Rooshki." She said. I nodded and looked around at the werewolves as they went back to playing chess, talking, drinking, basically whatever they were doing before I knocked on the door. "Nice howl by the way." Rooshki said from behind me. I smirked and ruffled her scarlet hair. She smiled and playfully pushed my hand away. Her hair was cut short, like a man's, but long enough to tell she was a girl. Maybe I could find the answers to my questions here.

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