The Quest

This is the third installation of Assassin Quest.


6. Chapter 6


I was awoken by Natasla the next morning. "Daelus, she said, wake up." I opened my eyes and looked up into her eyes. "Are you alright?" She asked. "I'm fine, but I had the strangest dream, I said, I dreamt I was a werewolf." Natasla looked down and then frowned. "Daelus, she said, you are  a werewolf." My jaw dropped and I sat up. "What?" I said. "Sfargan is looking for you." She said. I stood and grabbed my pants, pulling them on. Then I stepped out of the tent. As soon as I stepped out of the tent, an arrow planted itself into my shoulder. A sharp pain shot through my chest and arm as I reached up and tore the arrow free. "Daelus!" Natasla screamed from within the tent. "Stay inside." I said in response. I took a step forward and raised my good hand in a show for mercy, only to have an arrow shoot through center of my palm and exit the back of my hand. Another sharp pain shot through my arm as I broke the back of the arrow and tore the rest of it through the back of my hand. I dropped the pieces of the arrow and kept walking toward Sfargan standing in front of my tent. He drew another arrow and fired it, I sidestepped, dodging it, and grabbed Sfargan's bow out of his hands. Then I tossed it behind me and embraced him in a hug. He fought it at first and then finally embraced me as well. "I do not know who did this to me brother, and I do not know why, but I promise, I said as I pulled away, I will find out." Sfargan nodded and patted my arm. "I can help, he said, the story goes that a man who is turned into a werewolf will have recollection of the night he is bitten." I nodded and looked down at my already healing wounds. "A werewolf will heal quickly as a human, it is only when they are in their wolf form that they are vulnerable." I nodded again and looked up at Sfargan. "Have you had any mornings when you woke up and could not remember the night previous?" He asked. After a moment it rushed back to me like a fish upstream in a river. "Yes, the same day I called you to Bloodlust Tavern." He nodded. "You go, we will continue onward and you can catch up." I looked around and then back at Sfargan. He smiled and nodded. "I will not be long." He nodded and picked up his bow as I went back to my tent. I sat down and began pulling on my leggings. "Daelus?" Natasla said. I looked over at her. "I have to leave for a short time, I will be back soon, in the mean time, Sfargan will lead you on." I said. Natasla looked down and nodded. I reached over and put my hand on her face. "Do not fear, I will return soon." I said, smiling. I finished pulling on my armor and then I stood and walked out of the tent. As I headed for my horse I saw Asha walking to me, carrying her bags. "What are you doing?" I asked. She shook her head. "I'm leaving, I can't stay in the group with a werewolf, I'm sorry love, I have seen lots of weird stuff, but this I can't take." She said as she put her bags on her horse. I stood in silence and watched her get on her horse and ride away. I shook my head and mounted my own horse and rode back toward Chetica, where all of this started.

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