The Quest

This is the third installation of Assassin Quest.


5. Chapter 5

We got into town and tied up our horses outside the gate with the guards. Then we headed in and over to the markets. Natasla and I stopped by an armory and we looked around at what items were for sale. "What is the best weapon you have for sale?" I asked the merchant. "This one, the rapier, it is an alloy and newly made by my blacksmiths." I nodded and then checked my coin pouch. "How much is it?" I asked. The merchant looked at it and then he looked at us. "What is the best offer you can make?" He asked. I looked down at my pouch and then back at him. "One hundred and forty?" The man smiled and then he handed me the sword and the sheath that went with it. "Sold, he said, may it serve you well." I nodded and looked it over, then I sheathed it, handed it to Natasla and gave the merchant the coins. As we walked away Natasla tapped my shoulder. "What kind of deal was that, you just gave him all your coin." She asked. I smiled and looked down at her. "Or did I?" I asked coyly. I reached down and shook the pouch just enough that she could hear the jingling of the coins. She smirked and hugged me. I reached around her and tied the rapier to her belt. After an hour, we had gotten more food and potions than we needed. Natasla and I had gotten bread and were walking through the city, just having a good time, when suddenly a massive crowd had gathered in our path. We made our way through the crowd until we saw what was happening. A man, pitiful excuse of, was standing in full armor wearing a cape and a crown. "Welcome all new travelers, he said, to my city of Casnar, I am your lord, Lord Malodus." At about that time a small, homeless I was soon to discover, child was pushed out of the crowd and ran into Malodus. Malodus pushed the child to the ground in disgust. "You have the nerve to touch me you slimy son of a whore." He grabbed a whip from his belt and swung back. I dove in between them as the whip came down. I caught the whip in my hand and tore it from Malodus' own. "You know, you really have a bad attitude problem." I said as Natasla came up and helped the child to his feet. Then she picked him up and carried him out of the way. "You dare disrespect me!?" He shouted at me. I smirked and began to wrap the whip up around my arm. "Seems like somebody had to." I said sarcastically. Malodus roared in anger and drew the short sword on his belt. "Who are you?" He demanded. "Me, I said, my name is Daelus Luna, son of Sirius Luna, grandson of Baruti Luna, and Grandnephew of the King of Mittachlan." That got everyone's attention. Malodus quickly sheathed his sword and bowed to me, as did almost everyone else. "And you, I began, Lord Malodus, are not fit to rule, you are quick to anger, and that is not the trait of a true leader, you think that everyone is below you, when is the last time you found anyone worthy of your bow who was not of royal blood, I have found several in my time, two of them being my best friends, who fought by my side in a war that I did not start, but was the ending factor in." Malodus looked up at me as I came over to him. "If anyone, I continued, that boy you were about to strike is more of a Lord than you are, you are not a ruler, you are a tyrant, and I will not stand for that in my Granduncle's kingdom." Malodus nodded and I waved him away. He stood and quickly ran from the crowd. "I may not wear a crown, I said, nor do I live in a castle, but I am royalty and in my opinion all of you who have families or are just hard working people, you are the true rulers." I looked at all of them and then I looked at Natasla and she nodded. "I should be bowing to you, instead of you bowing to me." I said. Then I dropped to one knee and bowed to everyone in the crowd. Everyone began clapping and cheering as I stood and walked over to Natasla. We handed our bread to the child and everyone else who needed it. That is when I first realized that royalty isn't in your blood, it's in who you are. But our happiness was short lived as we had to leave the city and continue our quest to find Natasla's father. We got onto the road and after about an hour, Sfargan rode up to me. "What was that?" He asked. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Your little, I'm royalty, speech in Casnar, are you trying to get us caught?" I shrugged. "Malodus was being an ass, and he was about to whip some random boy just because he touched him." I said defensively. "Whatever." Sfargan said. I looked around in the woods and then back at him. "Are you ready to catch this thing in the act?" I whispered to him. He nodded and we slowly drifted off the road. "We're making camp here." I said. The others rode over and dismounted their horses. After we got our tents set up, out of our armor, and the fire made, we sat down and started telling our most horrifying stories. After a couple of stories I looked up as the clouds moved and revealed the full, orange, moon. Then I felt something begin to take over my body. I could feel my bones and muscles beneath my skin begin to shift and move. "Oh my gods!" I heard somebody yell. I was in so much pain I didn't care, I looked down in horror and saw that the hair on my arms and hands grown into fur, my fingernails had grown into claws. But before I could do anything about it, I blacked out.

We had started telling stories, but I didn't have any so I just leaned into Daelus's muscled chest and just listened to the horrors in everyone's past. I was almost asleep when everyone one stopped talking, I opened my eyes as I felt Daelus's body become much warmer than normal. I looked up and saw that Daelus's body had grown fur and his eyes were a golden color, his teeth had grown into fangs and his fingernails had grown into claws. "Oh my gods!" Asha screamed. Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed my shoulders and pulled me away. I looked back and saw Sfargan had grabbed me and was dragging me back. Daelus fell onto all fours and began screaming and then his back arched and his scream turned into a howl as his ears elongated and became pointed. Then his mouth and nose elongated and became a muzzle. His shirt and pants tore away from his body and a tail grew from his buttocks. Suddenly Daelus stopped moving and just stood there, his arms and legs were human but his feet had turned into elongated paws, his hands were still the same except they had claws instead of fingernails. His chest and abdomen had become massive and more muscled. Suddenly he pulled back onto his back legs and he began whimpering. I took a step toward him, but Sfargan grabbed my shoulders. I pulled free from his grasp and shook my head, then I continued to walk toward Daelus. Sfargan drew his bow and put an arrow in the string. "Daelus?" I said. Reaching my hand out toward him. He lifted his eyes and smelled my hand, then I moved forward and set my hand on top of his head. He did nothing but stand there. Then after a couple of moments he stood to his full height and howled. I looked up where he was howling to see the full moon. A blur of motion caught my eye and I looked down as Daelus spun on his heel and ran away into the woods. "He's still in there." I said to myself. "No, he isn't." Sfargan said. I turned and looked at him. "Werewolves don't know who anyone is once they shift, they have been known to kill their own family members when they attempt to make contact." He said. I shook my head and looked back where Daelus had disappeared. "He's in there, I thought to myself, he has to be." 

I woke the next morning, naked in the woods. Everything hurt, just like the other morning. I looked around, I wasn't anywhere near the camp. I stood and began walking, wandering really. After a few hours I could smell food, I started following the scent until I found the camp. I looked around and then I quickly headed for my tent and slid inside, where Natasla was still asleep. I slid under the blankets and wrapped my arm around Natasla's waist and pulled her into my chest. After a few minutes I fell asleep and was plunged into a dream I didn't know, but it was pleasant anyway.

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