The Quest

This is the third installation of Assassin Quest.


4. Chapter 4

I woke the next morning and sat up, everything hurt, my muscles, my bones, my head, my eyes, everything. "Morning." I looked back over my shoulder to Natasla as she leaned up, holding the blanket over her naked body. "Morning." I said. She reached up and put her hand on my shoulder. It hurt terribly but I reached over and set my hand on top of hers. "Are you okay?" She asked. I shrugged, which hurt, so I winced and shrugged at the same time. She must have noticed because she began rubbing my shoulders, her hands were very smooth compared to the skin of my shoulders, which were scarred and muscled. "That's nice to wake up to, I wish I could every day." I said. She cocked her head and leaned forward setting her chin on my shoulder. "Is that a proposal?" She asked raising an eyebrow. "It could be." I said smiling. I did love her, but I wasn't sure this was the life I wanted for her. She smiled back and wrapped her arms around my waist, resting her head on my back. Just then Sfargan ruined the mood. "Daelus, he said poking his head into the tent, we have a problem." I stood and walked through the pain till I was outside. "What is it?" I asked. He sidestepped revealing the destroyed camp. "By the gods." I said taking a terribly painful step forward. "What do you think it was?" Sfargan asked. I looked down to the dirt ground of the camp, a pair of tracks made their way through the camp and, to my horror, into my tent. Then there was a second set leaving my tent and going into the woods. They weren't human, nigh were they Argonian or Vah Shir. The tracks looked more dog like than anything. "I do not know, but it may come back, we need to be gone by then." I said turning my head to look at him. That still hurt, but not as bad, the pain was slowly disappearing. Sfargan nodded and went back to his tent to wake Helcan. I turned and walked back into my tent where Natasla had fallen back to sleep. I lightly shook her awake again and she looked up at me with those beautiful violet eyes of hers. "We have to go." I said. "Why, what's wrong?" She asked. "Something came in the camp last night, it may come back soon." Natasla looked at me and then out toward the front of the camp. Then she nodded and moved onto her hands and knees and then she sat back on her heels, grabbing her skirt. She wrapped her skirt around her hips and clipped the two ends together. I sat back and watched her slip her shirt down over her torso, followed by her tunic and spaulders. Then she pulled on her wrist brace and tied the laces down. She began searching for her silk cloak, then she sat back on her heels again and looked at me. I was holding her cloak behind my back, but she had figured it out faster than I thought she would. "Come on Daelus, give it back." She said smiling. "Come get it from me." I said. She smiled and lunged at me playfully. We fell back together and she reached behind my back while plunging her tongue into my mouth. After a moment I began probing the inside of her cheeks with my tongue. Finally she got a hold of the cloak and took it from my hands, then she pulled back and licked her lips. I smiled and cocked my head. "Taste good?" I asked raising my eyebrows. She smiled and leaned forward, quickly kissing me and then she stood and walked out, tying the cloak around her neck. I sighed and and began getting my armor tied down to my body. After I had my swords tied down I stepped out of the tent, and saw that Sfargan already had everyone else awake and ready to leave. I nodded to him as I walked past and helped Natasla get on her, still, to tall horse. Then I got on my own horse and watched while everyone else mounted their horses. "Let's be on our way, we have ten hours to reach Casnar." They nodded and we began galloping away from our destroyed camp site. After about five minutes, Sfargan rode up next to me. "Do you think that the creature, what ever it is, may be following us?" He asked. I shrugged and looked back over my shoulder at Natasla and then back at Sfargan. "Only one way to find out, we make camp again tonight and see if it comes again." I said. Sfargan nodded and slowed his pace. "Casnar here we come." I said to myself as we rode further down the road, and soon Casnar came into view. We were at our first major stop for the month, and it would not be the best, nigh the worst.


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