The Quest

This is the third installation of Assassin Quest.


3. Chapter 3

The next morning we awoke and got supplies for the quest. Natasla didn't have any thing to protect herself with, so I sent a message to Helcan to get some armor from the Assassins Guild den. He came by the house with the armor in a large burlap sack. I took the sack and gave him the list of supplies we needed. I unloaded the sack and gave Natasla each piece of armor. The armor was an alloy, the same my claymore was made from. Light weight, very strong. Natasla was having trouble with her spaulders and I came up behind her and reached around her sides to grab the straps. She leaned back into my chest as I tightened the straps of her spaulders. Then I got myself ready for the quest. I pulled on my black shirt and black leather tunic, then I pulled on my pants and my new alloy leggings. Then I pulled my new alloy chest plate down over my head and tightened the straps on the sides, securing the back and front plates together. I picked up my spaulders and put them on, followed by my new alloy wrist braces and my gloves. Then I tied my dagger and short sword to my belt and then I pulled my claymore onto my back and secured it's strap. Finally I picked up my surcoat and pulled it on over my armor, then I pulled my hood down over my face. Natasla grabbed her waist length cloak and tied it's laces around her neck. I handed her back the dagger I had taken from her the day before. "I'll buy you a better one when I get the coin, until then I'm giving this back, and here take this to." I said as I opened the trunk at the end of my bed. I reached in and pulled out a Charred Darkness Blade. It was a black bladed kukri knife with a bejeweled handle given to all new Assassins Guild recruits to be worn ceremoniously, the one I had given her was my old one from when I first joined the Assassins Guild ten years ago. Also I handed her an steel wrist brace, it was an older one of mine also from when I first joined the Assassins Guild, alloys hadn't been created yet. I noticed a glint of metal in the dark innards of the trunk and I reached in once again and pulled out my old Arm Blade as well. They were the most popular weapon used by assassins when I joined the guild over a decade ago. Now were out of style, but still affective in the art of killing. The whole weapon was a blade, it had a handle half way down and a strap at the back. The strap was used to tie the blade down to your arm so the enemy could not disarm you of the weapon. I hadn't used it in years, but I still kept it sharpened. I looked up and saw that Natasla was having trouble with the arm brace as well. I took her hand in mine and with the other hand I tightened the laces while she smiled up at me. "How am I going to teach you to be a warrior this way?" I asked. "I'm not the defenseless little girl you knew in your childhood, I've grown up, I think we both have." She said. "What, last night didn't tell you that?" I asked coyly. Once I had tied the laces down, I opened the door and we headed for the Bloodlust Tavern once again, this time prepared for war. The rest of the group was already there when we walked in. "Helcan, Sfargan, Mishrio, Asha." I greeted them with. Mishrio and Asha nodded to me. The Assassins of the my guild had a way to greet one another. We would make a Praying Hands Bow to one another. It showed respect and honor to both assassins as well as a way to show that we were praying for each other's safety. "Gentlemen and Asha, I introduce you to the new and improved Natasla." I said as I sidestepped, revealing the most beautiful death I had seen in many years. "Not that there was much room for improvement." I added as she walked past me and led us over to our table. Helcan and Sfargan also, as I could see, had gotten out their old weapons as well. Helcan had his twin Scorpion swords and Sfargan had his old Dark Wood bow. They both looked at my Arm Blade tied to my wrist beneath my surcoat, or at least the outline of it. "Mishrio, where's that Dark Elf from yesterday?" I asked. He shrugged and at about that time the Dark Elf walked in the door. "Speak of a devil and it shall appear." I muttered as he walked over and sat down. "Alright, Natasla began, I found Foxfire on the map, I estimated it will be about a one month trip." I nodded and tapped Mishrio's shoulder, he looked at me and nodded. He knew his part in this was to get the supplies. "Any questions?" I asked. They all shook their heads and we stood. "Helcan, Sfargan, get us some horses." I said. "Of course Master." The both said in unison. They bowed and left. "Mishrio, take the Dark Elf and Asha, go get food, drink, whatever we'll need." Mishrio and the Dark Elf nodded. "Right away Sire." Mishrio said, motioning for the Dark Elf and Asha to follow him. I turned to Natasla and furrowed my brow as she gave me a questioning look. "What?" I asked. "You said you had joined the Thieves and Assassins Guilds, she said, not that your were the leader of the guilds." I sighed and placed my hand on her cheek. "You're right, I should have told you, but I'm not really the Master of the Guild, The Grandmaster is still higher." I said. "How many people have you killed?" She asked. I shook my head. "Don't ask questions you don't want to know the answers to." I said. "Just tell me." She said. "Five...hundred...thousand." I said. "Don't speak in riddles Daelus, Natasla spat, which one is it?" I looked away and then back into her eyes. "All of them, I've killed over Five-hundred thousand people in the last ten years, I said, remember that massive war we had last decade, well the help of the Assassins Guild was requested and I was one of the chosen to go." She looked into my eyes and then sighed. "Were they guilty?" She asked. I nodded. "All but one of them, some moron in the filing group of the Assassins Guild mis-wrote the Accuser as the Accused, the person tried to explain, but I didn't listen, I was young and reckless, it was my first contract and it was a terrible, terrible mistake that I can't shake myself free of no matter how hard I try." Natasla's eyes became sad and she hugged me tightly. I nuzzled her neck as she rubbed my back, she smelled of perfume, flowery like her hair, but sweeter, more sensual. I could feel my hand drifting toward her ass and I quickly brought it back up to her shoulder blades. She pulled back and we kissed quickly and then we turned and headed outside. Helcan and Sfargan were riding up with our horses as we walked out. How long had Natasla and I been in the tavern? Mishrio and his troop came around the corner of the street with burlap and leather sacks full of supplies. Apparently we had been in the tavern longer than I had thought. Mishrio and Asha put our bags on the horses and Sfargan took my bag while I helped Natasla onto her horse. She hardly weighed anything, at least to me, but she was smaller than me. By a lot, I am about six feet two inches tall, she is almost two feet shorter than I am. I got her on the horse and handed her a new cloak. "What's this?" She asked as she took the folded cloak out of my hands. "A gift, don't innocent girls take strange gifts from men?" I asked coyly. Natasla smirked and unfolded the black silk cloak specially made for her. "By the gods, she said looking it over, it's beautiful Daelus." I ran my hand along the length of her thigh and then turned and got onto my horse. It was a black stallion, larger and more muscled than the other horses. Natasla's horse was a paint, brown and white colored splotches of color covered it's body. "Let us go." I said as Asha and the Dark Elf got on their horses. We began at a slowly trot and then as we got out of town we turned full gallop. Sfargan and Helcan were in the front while Mishrio, Asha and the Dark Elf were in the back. Natasla and I were in the center, however I was behind Natasla and was watching her body bounce off the horse's saddle. I watched and was soon thinking about her doing the same to me. But I was soon shook from my fantasy as she began slowing down, we were all slowing down. I rode up to Helcan and Sfargan. "What's happened, I asked, why have we stopped?" Helcan turned to look at me. "Sfargan thinks he's spotted some highway men up ahead." He said. "Shh!" Sfargan hissed. He pulled his bow of his shoulders and dismounted his horse, we watched as he faded into the shadow of the woods on either side of the road. After a minute we saw a figure drop to it's knees about forty feet ahead of us, an arrow sticking out of it's back. Then we heard a scream and another figure fell to the ground from a tree. An arrow was protruding from it's shoulder, at about the same time Sfargan came running from across the way with his bow drawn, an arrow in the string. The figure got to it's knees, holding the arrow in it's shoulder with one hand while the other hand in a state of pleading as Sfargan aimed his bow at the figure's head. I rode up to them and dismounted, the figure was a man, skinny and light skinned, pointed ears and blonde hair. A High Elf. I pulled my arm out from underneath my surcoat, the one with the Arm Blade strapped to it. I set the tip of my Arm Blade under the Elf's chin and lifted him to his knees. "Trying to live up to your name High Elf?" I asked as Helcan rode up to us. He dismounted and drew one of his Scorpion swords. He began checking the body of the other figure, the figure started to lift it's arm up toward Helcan and he quickly plunged his deadly blade into the figure's neck. "You missed Sfargan." Helcan shouted to us. Sfargan shook his head while keeping his bow aimed at the High Elf. Helcan put his foot on the figure's shoulder and tore his blade free of the figure's flesh. "Sfargan, I said, you might want to go get your arrows." I could see Sfargan shift from foot to foot out of the corner of my eye, after a second he lowered his bow and put his current arrow back in the quiver. Sfargan put his bow over his shoulder and walked over to the other figure. Then he reached down and pulled his arrow out of the figure's back. As he came back I watched the Elf at the end of my blade. "You make a move and I swear, with the gods as my witnesses I will put my blade through the back of your neck." I said coldly. Sfargan put his hand on the Elf's shoulder and pulled the arrow free. The Elf screamed through his teeth from the pain. Suddenly I got a flash from the past, from the war, Helcan was holding an enemy soldier down while I tortured him, driving my Arm Blade into his shoulder until he spoke. I blinked back into the present as a blur of motion caught my eye. I turned my head to see Helcan spinning his sword in his hand, then he put it back into it's sheath. "What do you do for a living High Elf?" I asked without looking at him. "I used to be a Mage, but I lost money and I was forced to become a bandit." He said. I looked over at him and thought it over. "Sounds like you've had a hard life." I said. "Yes." He said sadly. "Good thing it's over." I said. His eyes widened just before I shoved my Arm Blade into his throat. He gagged and choked on his own blood as I pushed with one hand on his shoulder, freeing my blade from his neck. He laid on the ground choking as a pool of blood surrounded him. I looked at Sfargan and Helcan then I wiped my blade clean on my horse's saddle and then remounted the horse. Helcan waved and the others rode up to us before we continued on. It felt good to kill that Elf, I hadn't physically, myself, killed anyone in almost a year. It seems as if the bloodlust I once had has returned to me. The next hour went without incident, that is until we got to the next town. As we rode through a man near the road began ranting at us. "I see you there Assassins, that girl with you may not know what you are, but I do, you heartless murderers!" He shouted at us. Sfargan rode up next to me. "Daelus, he said as I looked over at him, want me to put him down?" I shook my head. "No, I said, not yet, let him get this out of his system, then put an arrow through his heart." Sfargan smirked and then slowed his pace. We turned the corner of the street and as I looked back sure enough, Sfargan was gone. We kept riding until we were out of town. Then a couple minutes after we got back on the road, Sfargan rode up to the group. "Have fun?" Helcan shouted as Sfargan rode up. "Not as much as I could have." He said. I shook my head and looked back at Natasla and smiled. She smiled back and I slowed my pace to meet up with her. I reached over and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Let's stop here for the night." I said to Helcan. He nodded and we all dismounted, tied up our horses and made camp or in Natasla and I's case, made love. I took her into my tent and ravaged her until she was too exhausted to continue. Then we fell asleep and that was it, or was it?


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