The Quest

This is the third installation of Assassin Quest.


2. Chapter 2

After about an hour, the men I had requested came into the tavern. Helcan Overen, A friend from the Assassins Guild, he was a Dark Elf and he had been my partner on several contracts. Mishrio Strotgia, one of my friends from the Thieves Guild, he was Euridite and he was an accomplished pick pocket, however he had helped me infiltrate several military forts and swipe some very important items. Sfargan Grotson, a Wood Elf and another Assassin of my brotherhood as well as one of my oldest friends. But, there was one person I didn't know among them. Asha Ritszon, she was a Barbarian Warrior Knight. She carried a double bladed axe and a pair of dirks. "Hey there pretty boy." She said to me, flirting like. She batted her big, luscious, eyelashes and blew me a kiss. Natasla furrowed her brow and looked at me in suspicion. I looked between the two women and shrugged as Asha leaned on the top of her axe. I reached out my hand to her and she took it, shaking it harder than most men. Asha took a step back as Sfargan walked up to the table. I stood and greeted him as family, in the Assassins Guild were all brothers and sisters to one another. We indulged ourselves in a light embrace, as did Helcan and I. Mishrio and I greeted one another as all thieves did: we hugged and pick pocketed one another. Of course we had done it so often that we simply laughed and handed each other the items we stole back to one another. It seemed there was honor among thieves after all. "Alright, I began, you know I brought you here for a reason, but not the cause." They all nodded and watched as I motioned for Natasla to tell them the offer she had made me. "My father was never part of my life, but I have learned recently that my father and a group of his soldiers have been captured inside an old military fort, it's named Foxfire." I watched them nod before I jumped up from my chair. "Why are you just now telling me that this quest is to a military fort?" I demanded. She looked at me and then down her cleavage, she reached into her tunic, between her breasts, and pulled out a small medallion. I sighed and turned away as she read the inscription carved into the soft medal. "Whenever I am needed, I will be there for you, Daelus." I looked over my shoulder and stared into Natasla's beautiful violet eyes. "Did you mean that, or did you just lie to me when you carved it?" She asked. I shifted from foot to foot. "Daelus?" I turned back. "I meant it, but I didn't expect this." I said sitting back down at the table. As I did she leaned onto my right arm and I kissed the top of her head. Her hair smelled of roses, or tulips, or maybe even petunias. Whatever flower it was, I didn't care, her hair smelled of something flowery, as she leaned back into an upright sitting position my fingers brushed her lusciously full lips and suddenly I got the images of taking her on the table and dominating her like she was my own. Again I quickly shook the thought from my mind and distracted myself with whoever was coming in the tavern next. Suddenly Asha spoke up. "So are we doing this or not, love?" I realized she was talking to me and I motioned to the parchment. She rested her axe on the edge of the table and signed her initials below the Dark Elf's from earlier. She reached over for her axe, her hand missed and she hit the axe just enough for it to slide from the edge of the table and clatter to the floor. "Oops, stupid me." Asha said, then she turned her back to the table and bent over to pick up her axe. As she bent over she slightly wagged her ass at me. I admit it was nice and she did have very shapely legs, however it was ill timed and I quickly looked away. I looked at Natasla's lips and then slowly my eyes drifted toward her breasts and then down to her revealed thighs. However I quickly looked back up at her eyes as she turned her head to look at me. "Is there a reason for this, she said nodding toward Asha, I mean you do not even know her do you?" I shook my head. "Not in the slightest." I said in my defense. Asha stood and sat down in a chair in the back of the tavern as Helcan, Sfargan, and Mishrio signed the parchment. I stood and thanked them all for coming. "Go Helcan, Sfargan, get yourselves armored and ready for battle my brothers." They nodded and I shook Mishrio's hand and he left. Asha came up and shook my hand. Natasla grabbed the parchment and then the Dark Elf, Natasla, and I left the tavern. The Dark Elf followed Mishrio back to the Thieves Guild den. "Do you have a place to stay Natasla?" I asked as we walked. She shook her head and slowly slid her hand into mine as we headed for my house. I opened the outside door to my room in the upstairs apartment I had bought. As soon as the door came open, Natasla pounced on me, plunging her tongue into my mouth. She kicked the door shut behind us and backed me up to the bed. She pushed me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me. She pulled off her tunic and threw it across the room. I pulled off my surcoat as Natasla straddled me. I reached up and helped her try to unbutton the buttons on her shirt. Finally she moved my hands away and just tore her shirt open and let it slide off her arms onto the floor. I grabbed her hips and rolled over, pinning her beneath me. I pulled my claymore off my back and dropped it on the floor, then I took off my spaulders and tunic while Natasla untied the strap of my short sword and let it fall off my belt to the ground, then she moved on to my belt. She pulled down on my leggings until they were down to my knees. Then she untied the laces on my pants as I took off my shirt. I stood and pulled my pants and leggings down to my ankles and stepped out of them. I pulled off my wrist braces and gloves, then I unlaced Natasla's boots and pulled them off, slowly caressing her legs. Then I reached up and unbuckled her skirt and pulled it off and tossed it across the room. She slid to the edge of the bed and sat up, then I reached behind her and untied the laces of her bra. She pulled off her bra and threw it randomly. As she took of her bra, her breasts came out into the cold air of the room, and as they did her nipples grew hard before she laid back on the bed. I pulled off her underwear and then pulled off my own. I leaned over her and grasped her breasts in my hands. Natasla reached down and started stroking my now, hard shaft. After a moment I plunged my full length into her moist opening. She was tight, as I had expected and I could feel her vagina widen to accommodate my size. She moaned as I reached underneath her back and lifted her, placing her further back on the bed. Slowly I began to pump her with my pole. She moaned and ran her hands through my hair, then she hook her ankles together behind my back. She pulled in hard with her legs, making me pound her harder. Seeing that this is what she wanted, I began to pump her harder and faster. After a moment, I slid out of her and led her over to my table in the middle of the room and bent her over it. I lightly squeezed her ass before shoving my shaft back into her. Her back arched as I began to fuck her with my full force. Suddenly her back arched again. "Oh my gods." She screamed. I could tell from past experience that she screamed from her climax. I slid my hands up her sides and grabbed her breasts, then I squeezed as I came inside of her. I slowly slid out of her and we fell back on the bed together. Natasla and I panted as I ran my hand up the back of her legs. After a moment I looked down at her. "What did we just do?" I asked. She looked up and smiled at me. "Something we've both been thinking about for the last few years, something that was meant to happen." She said. I grinned and stared into her violet eyes until we both fell asleep.


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