The Quest

This is the third installation of Assassin Quest.


1. Chapter 1


I have lived my life to the best of my ability, but I have not been able to escape Fate, Anger, or Pain. Bring me the answers and a road that leads to Truth. Reveal to me, once and for all, how all of this will end.

Chapter One

It was early Thursday morning when the offer was made. I began the day by waking up in bed with a pair of whores from the Blooming Flowers brothel in town. I had no recollection of the previous night, but I knew I needed to pay them for their "services" and send them on their way. I rolled out of bed, waking up the whore on my right, Then I stood and realized I was naked. I quickly found my undergarments next to my pants and leggings. I reached into my pockets and dug around, looking for any coin I might have had. "That's okay darling, the whore said, I'll take the pleasure you supplied me with as payment." I glanced back at her, it didn't take more than a few seconds to get the gist of what she looked like. She was a Erudite, she was maybe sixteen or seventeen, and though she was young, she had very nice breasts. When she stood and walked over to me, I could see them bounce with each step.  She reached around my waist and slowly ran her hands near my crotch. I reached down and pulled her hands away, then I turned and handed her a pair of silver coins, the only two I could find so far. "Still, I said as the back of my hand lightly brushed her breast, you can't go back to your house mother with nothing to show for your hard work." The whore smiled and pulled my hand down, resting it inside her cleavage. "Yes, she said, it was very hard work." She took the coins and put them in her left hand as she ran her right down my stomach and grinned. I shrugged and walked over to the bed to wake up the other whore. She was older, but not by much, maybe a year or so. As she rolled over to look at me I could see she was much better endowed than the other girl. Her breasts were large enough that they rested off to the sides of her ribs. The whores got back into their dresses. "This one was free, the whore said, it a whore's version of a thank you for the most pleasure they've had for a long time." I nodded and they left. I walked over to my bed and opened the drawer in the small dresser next to it. I reached in and pulled out a black shirt. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, I thought it was just one of the whores had forgotten an item of clothing, so I opened the door. It wasn't one of the whores, it was my childhood friend, Natasla. I quickly pulled myself behind the door and waved her in. Natasla walked in and looked around, luckily long enough for me to get my pants on. I finally focused on what she was wearing. Natasla was wearing a brown velvet tunic that showed off her bust very well. She had a pair of knee high boots on and a mid thigh length skirt that left a very nice view of her shapely legs. Over her tunic she was wearing a waist length cloak with the hood left down around her neck. She turned to look at me and her eyes went straight to my abs. She blushed as she saw that I had caught her and turned away. "Nice tattoos." She said. I looked down at my chest and shoulders where I had a set of tribal letters scrawled across the area. "I've had these for a while Natasla." I said to her back. She nodded. "But this is my first time seeing them." She said back. That was true, after I had joined the Thieves Guild, we had slowly grown apart. We used to be very close, both our fathers were gone and we had lived with our mothers during our childhood. My father was a Battle Mage and had been called into service by the King of Mittachlan, my father was killed in battle and my mother was left alone to raise me. Natasla however, her father had just up and left for no reason. I shrugged, grabbed my shirt off the bed and pulled it on then I picked up my leggings and pulled them on, followed by my black leather tunic off the back of the chair my leggings were on. Then I grabbed my spaulders and strapped them on to my shoulders. "Okay, you can look now Natasla." She turned and sighed, then she untied the rope on her cloak and let it fall from her shoulders to the floor. "Then I shall get right to business." She said, trying to sound professional. I pulled on my gloves, one fingerless, one fingered, both black. Then I pulled my wrist braces on and tightened the straps to make sure they were secured to my arms. "Go ahead." I said as I put my dagger in it's sheath on the back of my belt. "I need some warriors to take with me on a quest." Natasla said. "And what kind of quest is this?" I asked raising an eyebrow. "My father has been found." She said. "What kind of warriors are you looking for?" I asked, now truthfully interested. "Loyal, but ready to fight should it be needed." Natasla said. I nodded and grabbed my short sword. "Particular race?" I asked as I tied the sword to my belt. "No, she said, just so long as they can help." I nodded again. "I'm guessing this goes for gender as well." Natasla nodded. For some reason I got the thought of ripping Natasla's clothes from her body and ravishing her savagely on the floor. I quickly shook the thought from my mind as I pulled my second sword over my shoulder and tightened it's strap to secure it to my back. The sword on my back was an alloy claymore, it was light weight but it was strong and very, very sharp. The one on my belt was a simple sword, steel and well made. Natasla picked up her cloak and I pulled on my surcoat over my shoulders. Then I opened the door for her and we headed for town. As we walked I could see someone was following us from the shadows. I slowly and unnoticeably faded into the crowd, unseen, but seeing. Suddenly our pursuer made his move, he took a lunge for Natasla, but he was quickly halted as I clothes lined him with my right arm. I pulled him to his feet as Natasla quickly spun with a small dagger in her hand. I made a hawk call and one of my brothers appeared from the crowd and quickly took the man away into the alley. After a moment my brother came back out and nodded, then he faded back into the crowd. "Who was that?" Natasla asked. I looked down at the small dagger she had in her hand, I quickly reached over and took it out of her hand before she could react. "Do you know of the Assassins Guild?" I asked. Natasla nodded. "I joined them about a decade ago, good money, easy killing." I said coldly. "Now, I said, where are we going to get these warriors?" I asked. I already knew a few men who would gladly join just to get out of this boring town. They were fellow Assassins or Thieves. Natasla looked like she couldn't think of anything. "How about BloodLust Tavern?" I asked. Natasla furrowed her brow and looked around. "Where's that?" She asked. "A couple of streets over, that's the best place to find people." I said. I had only suggested it because that's where the Assassin went after they finished a contract, I had wasted plenty of coin on drinks there. Natasla nodded and we headed over there. As we walked in and sat at our seats I pulled out a sheet of parchment and laid it down on the table. After a minute a Dark Elf in a hooded cloak came over, he was from the Thieves Guild, I had seen him once or twice but I couldn't remember his name, nigh did I care. "Fa'quarr Shtooma Ikia'ha" he said in his Dark Elf language. "Avren'ia Karshma Heloshia." Natasla said. My jaw dropped and I looked over at her as the Dark Elf signed his initials on the parchment. "What in the nine hells was that?" I asked. Natasla looked over at me and raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?" She asked. I shook my head. "Don't give me that, since when have you been able to speak Dark Elven?" She looked down at the table then back at me. She smiled sheepishly. "I never told you did I?" She asked. "Tell me what?" I demanded. "My father is a Dark Elf." Natasla said. Now that I thought about it, she did have a bluish tint to her skin, and her ears were a small bit pointed, and her eyes matched one of the Dark Elf eye colors. But the father being a Dark Elf I had to think about, her mother was of Barbarian origin, so how could her father be a Dark Elf? The two races hated each other, didn't they? 

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