Keeping Cool

This is a fun filled story with a sprinkle of loving spirit


2. Courtyard Chaos

   The same day I received a strange letter. Saying: 


Dear Poppy, 

                     I have had feelings for you for a long time. I'm the person who you least expect. I don't care if people say your ugly or disgusting. Your original and the girl I want as my own.

Lot of love 

                    Your Romeo xx

P.S my number is +44785437829 


I am confused I'm the geekiest person in the school with ginger hair. Who is it and why? 

I decided to phone 'Romeo' and see who it is. I waited for an answer and then... 

"Hello" a voice of a teenage boy ran down the phone. A bubble of excitement was growing in my belly.

"Hello is this Romeo, the guy who sent Poppy the letter earlier" I was nearly crying with joy.

"Yes, and my names not Romeo that was for dramatic effect" His voice sounded heavenly.

"Well as you know I received the letter and I just wanted to tell you my email address its email me" I hung up. My heart was pounding faster than a Ferrari. This was my chance to socialize. 

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