Keeping Cool

This is a fun filled story with a sprinkle of loving spirit


1. changing room disaster

 I was getting changed for P.E when I realized that I had left my shorts at home. I had to go to the emergency clothing room and wear a short skirt. Disaster No_1. So when I had got back into the girls changing rooms everyone was laughing at me. I had to take my ankle bracelet of to do P.E. It was a birthday present off of my best friend Crystal. She wasn't going to be impressed. 


When we was dressed we had to go to the hall. As we walked by the boys hall everyone laughed at me. They didn't expect a geek like me to wear a short skirt. I guess you've realized that I am the school geek, nerd whatever you call it. I just ignored them. 

My mum says I'm pretty - I don't think so! I have long strawberry blond hair, (or ginger) with pale skin and blue eyes. I don't have spots or dimples. I'm not cute or even kind towards people. I'm only nice to family and my very few friends. I'm not skinny or fat so I'm quite well toned. 

Anyway when I did P.E. I had to dance (one of the only things I'm good at). Freestyle was my favorite style and we did just that. I twisted and twirled like there was no tomorrow, every one glared viciously as me they are just so jealous. 

When P.E had finished I had to go to the maths court yard. Great.

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