The War

This is the sequel to The Battle Mage in the Assassin Quest series, this story follows Sirius's son Daelus Luna


7. Chapter 7

As we left the Catacombs and the ancient city, I thought of how long the Michrians had been fighting for their existence. Times had to change, I couldn't let Ishma and her people be destroyed. We made it out of the Catacombs and headed into the city. Once we made it to the road we headed back toward Acrosanar. We didn't rest until we made it back to the city gates. Once there we sat outside and rested on the docks. I thought of how my father might have felt if he was here. The three of us sat for hours until Baniwi made his presence known to us. "Hello my friends." He said. We looked up and bowed our heads. Baniwi sat down next to us and sighed. "I assume she escaped you, didn't she?" He asked. We all nodded. "Well, do not feel bad, it is not the first time she has eluded mercenaries I have sent." He said with a smile. We all nodded again. Baniwi set his hand on my shoulder, because I was closest, and patted it. "Good work anyway boys, return to the castle when you are ready, I have another assignment." He said. Then he stood and walked away. After he left, the captain of Shadow Wings came over to us. "G'day boys." She said. We waved without looking at her. She chuckled and sat next to us. "Y'now, ya don't have to do this." She said. I shook my head. "Yes we do, I do, Baniwi has to be put down." I said. The captain shrugged. "Y'now, sometimes people think they need to have revenge but they really just need to find themselves." She said. I shook my head and stood. "Captain, this is not for revenge, this is for our home and our families, we have to finish this." I said. The others nodded and stood. The captain shrugged and stood to. Then she walked back to Shadow Wings and stepped on deck. We turned and headed back toward the castle. We made our way through the inner city and then up the steps of the castle. As we got into the great hall, we saw Baniwi and a man who looked similar to him speaking. We walked in and Baniwi waved the other man away. As the other man passed us, I saw he had an angry look on his face, but when his eyes met mine, his features lightened. We continued past him and up to Baniwi. "Sire, we have come for our next mission." I said. Baniwi smiled. "Excellent, I want you to visit one of my war camps, they will next your expertise to invade a city who's king wants war with me." He said. We bowed. "What is the name of this city?" I asked. "Chetica." He said. My eyes widened as did, I'm sure, Helcan and Sfargan's. "is this a problem?" Baniwi asked, raising an eyebrow. We shook our heads. "No sire, of course not." I said. Baniwi nodded and we left the great hall. I wrote a note on our way down to the docks. At the docks I walked over to the captain of Shadow Wings. "Captain, Baniwi is making a move for Chetica, take this and get it to Grandmaster Baruti." I said. She nodded and heading back to the deck of Shadow Wings. After Shadow Wings had sailed away we headed for Baniwi's military Galleon. Hopefully my message got to Chetica before we did, we needed the Assassins to help us, we needed to put a stop to this invasion before it even began, and we had to do it alone. By nightfall, none of us could sleep out of fear of what could happen if we didn't get our message to Baruti in time. We headed down stairs and went to our quarters, we needed to get ourselves ready for the coming fight tomorrow. Late that night I woke to the sound of something banging on the hull of the ship outside. I got out of bed and headed above deck. The night air was cold and as I got to the top of the stairs I was splashed with the spray of the ocean. "Captain, what is all that banging?" I asked. "Debris boy, he said, we're getting close to Chetica." I looked over the railing into the ocean as pieces of other ships floated by. "What happened to cause all this?" I asked. "War son, war." The captain said. I shook my head and walked back down to my quarters. I fell back to sleep until the next morning. A massive shaking threw me out of bed the next morning. I jumped up and got my armor and swords tied down, then I walked out into the hallway. The others were already out there, heading above deck. I ran up the stairs and quickly grabbed the railing as a massive flaming boulder smashed into the water near the ship, knocking me off balance. "Captain, what is this!?" I shouted to him. "Welcome to Chetica boys." He shouted. Another boulder knocked me off balance again. "Don't worry, we are almost to shore." He said. Suddenly another boulder smashed close enough to the ship to capsize us. The ship flipped onto it's side and we were thrown under the water. I sank a few feet down before I kicked my legs as hard as I could. I flew back up to the surface of the water. My head shot up and I took in a massive breath of air, then I looked around as Helcan and Sfargan came up as well. "Where's the captain!?" I shouted to them. "He went down with his ship." Helcan yelled in response. Suddenly another boulder smashed into the water and put us under again. I came back up and began paddling toward the shore. I glanced back a couple times to see Helcan and Sfargan not too far behind me. Soon my feet began dragging the ground and I was forced to stand. I stood and helped Helcan and Sfargan climb out onto shore. At about the time Sfargan on to shore, he drew his bow and fired an arrow into an oncoming soldier's chest. At the same time the arrow impacted, a sword burst through the soldier's stomach. The soldier dropped and Baruti stood up behind him, then he tore his sword free. "Grandfather, you got my message." I said. He nodded and waved for us to follow him. Sfargan grabbed his arrow and ripped from the man's chest and we headed after Baruti into the city.


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