The War

This is the sequel to The Battle Mage in the Assassin Quest series, this story follows Sirius's son Daelus Luna


6. Chapter 6

"Did you have to kill him, Sfargan?" I asked as he dragged the man into the building we had chosen to hide in. "Oh, he's not dead, just stunned." Sfargan said. I furrowed my brow. "The combined loss of breath from his screaming and the pain from my arrows knocked him unconscious." Sfargan said. I shrugged and looked at Helcan. "He'll be awake in a few minutes." Sfargan said. Few minutes it was, he awoke and began screaming. Sfargan grabbed the arrows in the man's chest and pulled. The man let out a blood curdling scream and I quickly covered his mouth with my hand. Sfargan waited a moment and then ripped the arrows out of the man's chest. The man screamed through his teeth and he bit into my palm. I could feel his teeth through the leather of my glove. I looked up as Sfargan put his arrows back in his quiver. I watched him for a moment and then looked back to the man. "You're going to tell us where your friends are hiding." I said as I drew my arm blade. "Never." The man said. I stabbed my arm blade into his shoulder. The man screamed in pain and Helcan grabbed him and held him down. "I will ask on more time, where are they?" I asked. The man ground his teeth as I twisted my arm blade further into his flesh. "Tell me." I demanded. "Okay, just stop." The man said. I nodded and held my arm blade in place. "They're in the Catacombs under the city." He said. I smiled and tore my arm blade free of the man's shoulder. "Thank you." I said. Then I slashed the man's throat. "Let's move." I said. Helcan came around the man's corpse and laid the man's hands on his chest. Then Helcan closed the man's eyes. "May Syca take your soul and protect it, you were not killed for your actions, but for fear of what you may have done." He said. I sighed and Helcan looked up at me. "What?" He said. "You are praying for the soul of an enemy." I said. "I am praying for the soul of a person, you are on a path of Revenge, Daelus Luna, if you are to follow this path, you must first dig two graves: one for the enemy, and one for yourself." Helcan said. I looked away as he stood and shoved his way past me. "I'm sorry Helcan." I said as I turned and looked over my shoulder at him. He stopped and looked back at me. "You are right, I am on a path of Revenge, I need guidance." I said, defeated. Helcan smiled and set his hand on my shoulder. "Do not fear my friend, we will end this war, and we will avenge all those who have fallen out of this realm." He said. I nodded and we left the building. "So, how do we get into the Catacombs?" Sfargan asked. "Simple, I said, the sewer entrances." I nodded toward an open drain door. We looked between each other and then nodded. We walked over to the drain and climbed in. Once inside we began to walk through the skeleton filled corridors. Sfargan pulled his bow over his shoulder and put an arrow in the string. Helcan drew his Scorpion Swords and spun a couple of times before dropping into a defensive stance. As we walked, we began to hear voices and drums. I held up a hand to pause them. Then I pointed to either side of me down a pair of corridors. They nodded and headed away. I walked down my own corridor toward the voices. I got to the corner and stopped as I heard a woman's voice. "My friends, seventeen years ago, a man came to me and told me to run and hide so we could rebuild our race, he was right in doing so, he promised me that he would try and stop Baniwi's treachery from reaching the other cities, however, I have learned that a month after this man came to me, Baniwi had him struck down, this rebellion is for that brave man who saw Baniwi's war for what it is, an extinction campaign." I turned the corner to see a mass of people in white hooded robes and an amazingly gorgeous woman in a black dress. The dress had silver spider webbing designs sewn into it. I looked back and forth before entering the room and drifting into the crowd. I made my way through the crowd and closer to the woman. "You there." The woman said. I jumped visibly and stopped in my tracks. The other people backed away from me and then I knew I was caught. "Show me your face." She said. I sighed and turned to look at the woman. "Remove your hood." She said. I reached up and pulled my hood away from my face. The woman's eyes widened and she took a step back. "Sirius?" I furrowed my brow and looked between the woman and the other people in the crowd. "What have you done to your hair, I thought you were dead." She said. I shook my head. "My name is not Sirius." I said. The woman's mouth dropped a small bit and she quickly shut it again. "Who are you?" She asked. "My name is Daelus, Daelus Luna." I said. The woman furrowed her brow as if she was remembering something. "Sirius Luna was your father then." She said. I cocked my head. "How did you know my father?" I asked. "Sirius is the man I spoke of before you entered the room." She said. My eyes widened and I took a step back. One of the people behind me drew a sword and put it to my throat. "I'd lower that my friend." I said. The man raised the sword higher under my chin. "Why?" He asked with a smirk. I smiled and pointed to the side of the room. The man and I both looked over near the ceiling of the room in the wall. Sfargan sat in the opening with his bowed drawn and aimed at the man. At about the same time Helcan appeared behind the woman and put one Scorpion sword to her throat and another to her stomach. The man and I both looked over at them and I smiled as the man dropped his sword on the ground. "Now, we are going to take this lovely creature, and we are going to leave this room, any of you follow, we kill her." I said. I walked up and grabbed the woman by the arm and dragged her out of the room, Helcan following closely behind. I glanced over and saw that Sfargan was gone from his position in the wall. We entered the corridors and were soon lost in the maze of hallways. "Now, I said, explain what you meant about my father." I pushed the woman up against the wall and put my arms on either side of her body, blocking her way of escape. "Your father came here seventeen years ago and helped me escape Baniwi so I could live on and help my race survive." She said. "And why would he tell you about me?" I demanded. "Because, I had done this." She said. Then the woman leaned forward and pressed her full lips against mine. We kissed for a moment and then she plunged her tongue into my mouth. I turned away and shook my head. "My heart belongs to another." I said. "That's what he said." The woman said. I turned to look at her. "Who are you anyway?" I asked. The woman smiled. "Haven't you guessed by now, I am Ishma, Spider Queen of Michrius." She said. My jaw dropped and I looked into her bright green eyes. "Daelus, your father told me to rebuild my race, but I was never attracted to anyone else besides my late husband and your father." She said. "Why are telling me this?" I asked. "Because I feel that same attraction to you." She said with a smiled. I nodded. "Please Daelus, bless me with a child and I can begin the rebuilding of the Michrians." She said, almost pleadingly. I sighed and looked back at Helcan. Helcan shrugged and I looked back to Ishma. "I can not, not at this time, but if you are certain of this, I will try as soon as I can." I said. She smiled and kissed me again. "Thank you." She said. I nodded and then thought about it. "How old are you, you knew my father seventeen years ago, and you had a husband before that." I said. She grinned. "Michrians are descended from Elves, we have the curse of eternal youth." She said. I nodded. It was time to leave, we would give Baniwi a false report and continue our mission.

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