The War

This is the sequel to The Battle Mage in the Assassin Quest series, this story follows Sirius's son Daelus Luna


5. Chapter 5

We woke the next morning and got dressed. Then we walked up above deck. "Welcome to Acrosanar lads." The captain said. I nodded and we walked up the the bow of the ship. "Haven't been here in years." The captain said. We made it to the docks and we stepped off the ship and slowly made our way through the city toward the castle. Once we hit the great hall, we were stopped by guards. "Stop, one said, what is your business here?" We looked between each other and Helcan and Sfargan motioned for me to speak. "We are here to see King Baniwi." I said. "Why?" The guards said, drawing his sword. I glanced behind him to see a muscular older man walking up to us. "Because I'm betting you're about to drop those swords." I said smirking. "I'll take that bet." The guard said, lifting the tip of his sword blade beneath my chin. "Guards, put away your swords." The man said. The guards looked behind them and sheathed their swords. "Is this any way to greet men who have obviously traveled a long way?" The man asked. "Forgive us, Lord Baniwi." The guard said. The moment the guard said the man's name was Baniwi, I almost took a lunge out of anger. But I quickly stopped myself. The guards walked away and Baniwi waved for us to follow him. "Tell me, why have you come to my fair city of Acrosanar?" Baniwi asked. "We have come to join your army." I said. "What are you attributes?" Baniwi asked. "Sfargan is the best shot with a bow I have ever seen." I said. Helcan nodded as I spoke. "Then let us test that." Baniwi said. Sfargan pulled his bow off from around his shoulders and drew an arrow. Baniwi made a circle with his fingers and held his hand out. "Shoot an arrow through here, without hitting any part of my hand." Baniwi said. Sfargan looked at me and I nodded. Sfargan shrugged, put his arrow in the string, and fired. The arrow passed through the circle of Baniwi's hand and planted itself in the cushion of Baniwi's throne behind him. Baniwi turned to look at his throne. Sfargan pulled his bow back over his shoulder. "Excellent, you are certainly allowed to join my army." Baniwi said. Baniwi pulled the arrow free of his throne and handed the arrow back to Sfargan. Sfargan bowed, took the arrow and put the arrow back in his quiver. Baniwi turned and pointed to Helcan. "What is your best attribute?" Baniwi asked. "Helcan is the best duelist, I have yet to see him bested." I said. Baniwi nodded. "Than let's see it." He said. A guard knocked a door in the side of the room and then opened it. A Drow stepped through the door and drew a pair of scimitars. Helcan drew a pair of short swords and spun them in his hands. "Begin." Baniwi said. The Drow and Helcan charged each other. The Drow swung down and then swung sideways. Helcan dodged both and then he slashed forward with both swords. His blades slashed into the Drow's chest and sprayed his blood across the room. The Drow took a step back and then lunged with his swords one at a time. Helcan dodged and then he elbowed the Drow under the chin. The Drow's head snapped back and Helcan swung up under the Drow's armpit. The Drow was knocked off balance and Helcan spun and slashed down into the Drow's side. The Drow fell to the ground and Helcan stabbed down into the Drow's chest. Helcan stood and tore his swords free of the Drow's chest, spun his swords, and then sheathed them. Helcan bowed as Baniwi clapped. "Excellent, brilliant display." He said. I stepped forward and Baniwi stood. "And you, what can you offer me?" He asked. "I could kill you from the shadows and you wouldn't even know I was there." I said. Baniwi raised an eyebrow and smiled. "Should we test that?" He asked. Gods knew I wanted to. "It is your choice, Sire." I said. Baniwi smiled and swept his arm across the room. Guards quickly put out the torches in the room and we were plunged into darkness. I reached down and strapped my arm blade to my wrist. Then I began to make my way around the room towards Baniwi's silhouette.  Soon I was at his side and I grabbed him, putting my blade to his throat. "You're dead." I whispered in his ear. He began clapping and the torches were relit, illuminating us. It took every fiber of my being not to tear his throat open. "Well, Baniwi said, you truly are the master of shadows you say you are." I nodded and withdrew, sheathing my arm blade. "Welcome to my army, you have proven yourselves worthy." We bowed before he continued. "Guards, get them armor, weapons, whatever they ask for." He said. The guards bowed and we followed them through the doors to the armory. Once inside, they gave us our choice of weapons. Helcan's eyes were almost automatically entranced by the sight of twin Scorpion swords. "I'll take these." He said. He grabbed them off the wall and pulled the swords over his shoulders. At the same time, Sfargan had grabbed a Dark Wood bow off the wall and pulled it over his shoulder, replacing his old bow. I grabbed a simple Claymore off the wall and pulled on over my shoulder. Then I picked up a curved dagger and tied it to the back of my belt. The guards handed us all spaulders and leggings. We tied the spaulders onto our shoulders and then we put the leggings over our arms and we left back to our new quarters. Once inside my room, I took off my boots and pulled the leggings on over my pants, then pulled my boots back on. Now it was time to go see Baniwi for our first assignment in his army. We walked back to the great hall. "Well, I see that the army has taken a shine to you." He said. We bowed. "What do you ask of us?" I asked. He smiled. "Seventeen years ago, a woman tried to raise an army to oppose me, her name is Ishma, the Spider Queen of Michrius." He said. I nodded. "You must find her and destroy her, she is hiding in Karrôshïnå." He said. "Karrôshïnå, the Ancient Elf city." I said. Baniwi nodded. "Yes, she seems to like those, her first hiding place was Bådochïna." He said. I nodded and we bowed. Then we turned and left the castle. It was a day's walk to Karrôshïnå so we had to be fast. We wasted no time getting there and soon the massive ruins of Karrôshïnå were within view. "Where would they be hiding?" Sfargan asked. I shrugged. "Let's check the castle first." I said. They nodded and we headed down through the ruins of a marketplace. After a moment we heard a bird call. It was surprising, because the whole city was silent, it was like only the ghosts lived here. "Sfargan, I whispered, go find the source of that noise." He nodded and then stopped. "Hey, I'm going to check down this way." He said. I nodded as casually as I could. "Alright, go ahead, but be careful." He nodded and turned down the street. Helcan and I walked around the corner of a building and stopped. After a minute we heard a scream of pain. We turned the corner again to see Sfargan dragging a man with a pair of arrows sticking out of his chest. 


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