The War

This is the sequel to The Battle Mage in the Assassin Quest series, this story follows Sirius's son Daelus Luna


4. Chapter 4

After I had mended the tree I had nearly demolished. I prayed to Syca for forgiveness for what I had done and soon we were on the rode, heading for Chetica. "Fang, I said, what about those men back in the city?" He smiled and looked over at me. "They can take care of themselves." He said. We rode on our horses and then got off and walked after a few hours. Soon we got near the city of Chetica, we looked between each other and then continued down the road until we got to the city gates. There we tied up our horses and walked in. "This way." Fang said. We followed him into an alley and he slammed his fist into a brick in the building's wall. There was a small click and the sewer drain pulled back and Fang climbed in. We followed him and as I dropped down, I found not a sewer, but a massive underground room. "Welcome to the Assassin Den." Fang said. "Fang, how did you know this was here?" I asked in amazement. "Where do you think those men came from, why do you think we all have matching surcoats?" He asked looking at me. I shrugged. "Because we are all Assassins." He said. "Now, Karin said, we must find Grandmaster Baruti and find out what we are to do." We followed her through the Assassin Den and into the upstairs of the house. At a desk sat an elderly man, writing on a piece of parchment. "Grandmaster." Fang and Karin said in unison as they bowed. The old man stood and bowed in return. "What is it my children?" He asked. "Sire, Helvyrus as been overrun and destroyed by Baniwi's army." Fang said. The old man sighed and slammed his fist into the table. "Curse all, I knew Baniwi would get over zealous, it was only a matter of time before he made another move." He said angrily. "And what of these boys here?" He asked looking over at Helcan, Sfargan, and I. "Sire, they are survivors that wish to join The Order." Karin said. "Sir, I am Daelus Luna and these are my friends Helcan Overen and Sfargan Grotson." I said. "I know who you are Daelus." The old man said. "If you didn't have that short hair I might have mistaken you for your father, returned from the dead." I stepped forward in surprise. "You knew my father?" I asked. "Knew, raised, loved." The old man spat. "Are you my grandfather Baruti Luna?" I asked. The old man smiled, first in the whole time, and set his hand on my shoulders. "Certainly took you long enough to get it right." He said. "Oh Grandfather, it is so good to see you again." I said, hugging him. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around my back. I pulled back. "Daelus, you and your friends can help us, I will make you true members of The Order if you kill Baniwi in Acrosanar." He said. "How?" I asked. "Infiltrate his army, and then, when the time is right, strike him down." He said. I nodded and my grandfather handed the three of us the same kukris as I already had. "No need to give me one Grandfather, I said, I already have my own." I reached back and drew my father's kukri. Baruti stared at it for a second and then nodded, putting mine back is his desk. "These blades you have before you are known as Charred Darkness Blades." Helcan and Sfargan nodded and then tied them to their belts. "They are not to be used, for these are sacred relics bestowed upon us by Shadow, the god of Assassins." We all nodded and then he handed us folded up surcoats. "Take these and let them hide your identity from your enemies." We nodded and pulled them on. "And finally, take these." Baruti handed us all a steel wrist brace. We pulled them on and tied down the straps. "Now, go to the docks, a ship awaits to take you to Acrosanar." We nodded and then we headed outside through the front door. We walked down to the docks and stepped onto the ship. "Welcome aboard me ship, Shadow Wings." The captain said in her heavy Barbarian accent. Helcan and Sfargan headed down below deck while I stayed and sat on the railing. "Ya look just like yer Father." The captain said. I looked over my shoulder at her and furrowed my brow. "You knew my Father?" I asked. The captain nodded and smiled. "Bet your arse I knew him, yer Father saved me ship and me crew during a storm one night." The captain said. "How?" I asked. "Yer Father was one hells of a Mage, and you be looking just like him, except yer hair, it's a lot shorter than his was." She said, smiling. I nodded and looked back at the ocean waters. Then I stood and went below deck. Once there I saw that Helcan and Sfargan had already made themselves comfortable. I sat on the bed and looked between them. "Are you ready to stop this war?" I asked. They both nodded and laid down on the floor and wrapped themselves in their blankets. I laid back on the bed and blew out the candle that illuminated the room. So began our journey to find justice and in my case, revenge.


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