The War

This is the sequel to The Battle Mage in the Assassin Quest series, this story follows Sirius's son Daelus Luna


3. Chapter 3

"Here, Fang said, take this." I looked up as he threw me a strange shaped weapon. I caught it and unsheathed it. It had a strap at one end and a handle in the middle of it, the rest of the weapon was just a blade. "It's called an Arm Blade." Fang said as he impaled another soldier with his bastard sword. I tied the strap around my arm and gripped the handle. Then I looked up as an Orc came running toward me, he swung down with a massive sword. I held the arm blade out and braced my arm with my other hand. I felt a jolt as the two blades connected, the force of the blow knocked me to the ground. I pushed back and threw the Orc off balance, as he stumbled I jumped up and lunged, punching the Orc in the face. A sharp, shooting, pain jolted through my shoulder and chest from my hand as my knuckles connected with the Orc's jaw. I didn't have time to worry about my hand so, as the Orc spun, I grabbed his shoulder and shoved my arm blade through his back. Then I grabbed his neck and tore the blade free and then I threw him to the ground in one, fluent motion. He laid there, choking as his blood flowed into his pierced lung. I stood over him and then I dropped down, driving the arm blade into the Orc's neck. I looked up as an Argonian and a Drow soldier came running toward me. I stood and blocked the Argonian's attack with my father's short sword, then I drove my arm forward, planting the arm blade in his chest. At the same time, I swung back with my father's sword and blocked the downward sweep of the Drow's halberd pole axe. The Drow was knocked back just enough for me to plant my foot behind his ankle, stab my arm blade into the Drow's shoulder, and drive him to the ground over my leg. Suddenly another wave of arrows fell into the soldiers. I stood and looked out across the city as more soldiers poured through the city gates. "Daelus, Fang yelled over to me, we can't hold the castle anymore!" I nodded and turned to the Royal Guards. "Fall back into the castle, get out of the city!" I yelled to them. They nodded and all of us began withdrawing into the castle doors. Once inside the great hall, we shut the doors and barred them. "Helcan, I said, where is the King's passage out of the castle?" Helcan grabbed Sfargan and I's arms, dragging us after him. "This way, behind the throne, it leads into the dungeons and out into the countryside." I nodded and turned to the others. "You heard him, the city is lost, escape to the countryside." I said. Then we all began running towards the throne. Helcan pressed a switch on the throne and a doorway opened behind it. We all climbed into the door and after all the guards were through, I closed it behind us. After a moment in the darkness, suddenly there was light. A guard had lit a torch. Then he handed it to Helcan. "Follow me." Helcan said waving toward the tunnel. We walked for what seemed like days in the darkness, only when the flame of the torch jumped could I see skeletons, or just bones in the corners of the darkness. We could hear echoes of screams in the darkness behind us. But soon we got to the door at the end of the dungeons. Helcan slammed his shoulder into the door, but it didn't budge. "Curses, he said aloud, how do these guards open this so well." At that, Fang moved him out of the way and then slammed his fist into the door. The door clicked and then pulled away into the stone wall. Blinding sunlight flushed into the tunnel and blinded most of us. "Go, I will watch your backs." Fang said, turning with his bastard sword in a defensive position. We all climbed out of the tunnel and I turned to watch Fang glance behind him, step out of the door, and slam his fist into a stone on the wall outside. Then the door shut and he turned while sheathing his sword. "Come, he said, we are not out of the city yet." I nodded and watched all the Royal Guards split up and ran into separate directions. Helcan, Sfargan, and I followed Fang up the hill and soon we had to climb, as the hill had become to steep. At the top of the hill, Karin reached over the edge and helped us climb up over top. As I climbed up, I saw dead soldiers laying around the horses. "What happened?" I asked. Karin shook her head. "We were ambushed, but I took care of them." I nodded. "Where is Natasla and my mother?" I asked. "Natasla is fine, but Daelus, about your mother." She said. My eyes widened and I began walking toward the horses and then my walk turned into a run. "Mother!?" I shouted as I saw her motionless form on the ground. I ran up and dropped to my knees next to her. Her hands had been crossed over her chest and her eyes closed. I looked down and saw a deep crimson splotch of blood on her stomach. The blood had pooled from a puncture wound in her chest. "I couldn't save her Daelus, I'm sorry." Karin said from behind me. Then I felt a massive, heavy hand plant itself on my shoulder. "To lose one's family, Fang said, I cannot think of it." I sat for a moment and then I let out a long, loud, roar of anger toward the sky. I jumped up and, with my arm blade at the ready, slashed into the bark of a nearby tree. Then I turned and stormed over to the hill over looking the city and let out all my anger and hatred into my next words. "Damn you, damn all of you, the flames of the nine hells have no fury like my own, may the gods forsake you to eternal damnation you worthless sons of whores!" I screamed out over the hillside. I stood and then fell to my knees. I do not know how long I sat there, but I did, for minutes or maybe hours, it all felt the same to me now. After a long pause I felt a hand on my shoulder. I opened the eye that matched that shoulder. I saw Sfargan's fingers on my shoulder and then I sighed. "Daelus, he said, I do not know who started this war, and I do not care." Then another hand on my opposite shoulder. It was Helcan. "Daelus, Helcan said, I know of someone who can help us." I shook my head. "Who?" I asked. "The Assassin Order." He said. I shook my head closed my eyes again. "They can teach us how to kill." Sfargan said. "And we can get a chance at ending this war." Helcan said. I shook my head again. "How?" I asked. "The self proclaimed GodKing Baniwi, Fang said, he started this war and killing him would end it." I stood and turned to them. "Then lead me to this Assassin Order." I said, opening my eyes once again.


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