The War

This is the sequel to The Battle Mage in the Assassin Quest series, this story follows Sirius's son Daelus Luna


2. Chapter 2

We climbed up the side of my house and then we stood and looked around as the boulders smashed into the city, crushing houses, buildings, and people. "We have to keep moving, Fang said, the city will be overrun and we don't want to be here when it does." I nodded and we started jumping between roof tops, each one I had to send Natasla to Fang, jump the roof top, and then catch her when Fang threw her to me. Finally we got to the gates of the city and we climbed down to the street and out of the city. There was a pair of dead guards laying next to some horses. I lifted Natasla and put her on the horse, then Karin, and my mother got the horses as well. "Go, Fang said, I will watch over him." My mother nodded and Karin led them away. "Fang, Helcan and Sfargan can help." I said. Fang had taught Helcan, Sfargan, and I how to fight. "Do you know where they could be?" Fang asked. I nodded. "They would be at the castle, Sfargan's mother is a servant and Helcan's father is a Royal Guard." I said. Fang nodded. "Then go, get to the castle, I'll get help." Fang said, drawing a bastard sword from beneath his surcoat. I nodded and drew my father's short sword and I began running toward the castle. On my way I quickly had to stop, the street was blocked by city guards fighting enemy soldiers. I ran up to the guards, the captain of the guards in particular. The captain was a family friend, he also taught me how to fight, or how to duel. "Captain, I shouted, I can help." He shook his head. "No, go find Helcan and Sfargan, we can handle this." He shouted back. "No you can't and you know it." I shouted. The captain nodded and put his hand on my shoulder. "You're right, help us deal with them and then get to the castle, Helcan and Sfargan are helping my men hold of the invasion force at the castle." I nodded and looked up as an Orc came running toward us, he swung down with a massive battle axe, I sidestepped and sweeped one of his legs with my sword. The force spun his body and he landed on his back just in time for me to stab down with my father's sword. I watched the blade plunge into the Orc's stomach, then I tore the blade free and looked back at the captain. "Not bad Daelus." He said. Then we both dropped into defensive stances as a pair of Drow came running toward us. The captain swung his shamshir and clothes lined one of the Drow, decapitating him. The other one came running toward me and I drove my father's short sword into his stomach. The Drow fell into me and as I looked over his shoulder, I could see the tip of my blade protruding from his back. I pulled upwards and felt the blade lock into the wedge at the bottom of the Drow's sternum. Then I put my hand on Drow's shoulder and pulled back, tearing my father's sword from the Drow's stomach. I looked down and saw the Drow's dark purple blood on my hand. "Don't think about it, said the captain, just keep fighting." I looked up and saw an Argonian swing at my head. I caught his arm and twisted his arm, spinning him around. Then I drove my father's sword through his back, between his ribs and out of his chest. I put my foot flat on the Argonian's shoulder blade and kicked him forward onto his face. Then I looked up as another Orc came running toward me. I sidestepped his swing from his club and slashed, tearing his side open. The Orc fell to his knees and the captain stabbed his shamshir through the Orc's neck. Blood sprayed from the Orc's neck and splattered onto my face. "Daelus, don't worry about it, get to the castle and help the others, we can handle this." The captain screamed. I blinked and nodded, then I turned and took off running toward the castle. I made my way to the front steps of the castle only to find that it was filled with invading soldiers. At the top was Helcan, Sfargan, and a group of Royal Guards fighting off the soldiers. Suddenly I noticed a rope leading to one of the pillars, I followed it from the pillar to the roof of a massive building. That was the only way there, so I climbed up the side of the building, half way up, a balcony blocked my climb. I looked over to a window and I leapt over, catching feet on the window ledge. I climbed up to the next window and then I leaned over to grab the ledge of the balcony. Then I climbed onto the balcony and climbed up the next window, then I reached up and grabbed the top of the roof. I climbed up and ran over to the edge of the roof and grabbed the rope, I looked between my roof and the pillar that the rope was tied to. I took a breath and then stepped off the roof. I dropped and then suddenly I was gliding along the rope, I reached down and drew my father's sword as I slid toward the castle. As I slid, I could feel a small, pooling, heat as the rope burned the leather of my glove. Finally I dropped into the middle of the soldiers, as I came down, I decapitated one of the soldiers and rolled up to meet Helcan and Sfargan. I stood and spun, slashing one of the soldier's legs free from his body. "Daelus, Helcan shouted, you always do know how to make an entrance." I grinned and sidestepped as an Orc swung at me with a halberd pole axe. I grabbed the pole and swung down with my father's sword, breaking the pole in half. The Orc fell back slightly from the force and I threw the axe end of the halberd into the Orc's face. Then I ducked while Sfargan fired a pair of arrows into a Drow's chest. The Drow stood for a second and Helcan swung up with one of his swords, knocking the Drow off balance. Then Helcan spun and swung down with both of his scavenged swords, tearing into the Drow's side and knocking him to the ground. A spear flew past my arm and planted itself firmly into one of the Royal Guard's chests. He screamed in pain and fell back to the ground. I turned and slashed up across an Argonian's chest, as my blade cut into the Argonian's chest, blood sprayed onto my surcoat. As much as it pained me to get rid of something that was my father's, I tore the surcoat free of my body and tossed it away. As I did a pair Drow came running toward me. They both swung toward me in unison, I ducked and let their blades fly over my head. Then I stood and slashed into the side of one of the Drow, the other took an arrow in the neck from Sfargan. Suddenly I saw a figure appear on the roof of one of the nearby buildings. Then more appeared on the other buildings, and suddenly a wave of arrows fell into the massive army on the stairs. I looked up and saw a wave of men come gliding down the rope that led to the pillar behind us. I watched as five men landed next to us. Then another wave of arrows fell upon the army. Leading the men from the rope was Fang. "Fang!?" I asked in surprise as he took off the heads of four soldiers with one swing of his bastard sword. "I told you I would bring help." He said glancing over his shoulder at us. 


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