The War

This is the sequel to The Battle Mage in the Assassin Quest series, this story follows Sirius's son Daelus Luna


1. Chapter 1


I did not choose this path, it was chosen for me. At first I thought killing would be easy, but I was wrong. For ten years I have lived in the shadows, I have visited death upon those who deserved it, and I have vanished like the wind. My name is Daelus Luna and I am an Assassin. 

Chapter 1

My story begins on my seventeenth birthday, the party was at my home it northern Mittachlan. Natasla was there, she was my childhood friend, but what she didn't know was my true feelings for her. So I was going to tell her tonight, however the chance never came. Because of what happened next, I was plunged into the life I never expected. I walked over to Natasla on the balcony with everything I was going to say ready and waiting in my mind. "Natasla, I began, there's something I wish to tell you." She looked at me and cocked her head. "What is it?" She asked. I opened my mouth just before I noticed a massive flaming boulder flying toward us. "Move!" I shouted before grabbing her shoulders, throwing her back and jumping after her. Just before I landed, the boulder hit and smashed the corner of the room into rubble. I climbed over Natasla and shielded her from a piece of flying, burning, wood that hit me in the back and burned my skin through my clothes. I stood and pulled her with me, looking outside as other boulders came down hitting other buildings and homes in the city. I held Natasla as she cried into my shoulder out of fear. "Syca protect us." I said, praying to the nature god who in which the sycamore tree was named for. My mother grabbed my shoulder from behind, turning me toward her. "Come Daelus, we have to leave!" She shouted over the roar of the screaming party guests. I grabbed Natasla by the arm and we followed my mother into my father's old study. Once inside my mother shut the door behind us and walked across the room. She reached over to a bookcase and pulled down a small orange book. A large click sounded and the bookcase pulled back and rolled into the wall. "Mother, what is that?" I asked. She turned and set her hand on my shoulder. "Your father had many secrets, I may have discovered some, but not all of them." She said. I looked between her and Natasla then we headed down the stairs behind the door and into the unknown basement of the house. In the room at the bottom of the stairs was a body copy holding up a suit of armor. Next to the armor was a table with a short sword and a kukri knife, still sheathed. "Mother, I said, what is all this?" She shook her head opening another secret passage that led to a ladder. "I told you, your father was a secretive man, this was one of his secrets." She said turning to look at us. "I would take that armor, she said to me while nodding over to it, your father would be wanting that." I let go of Natasla and took the tunic and spaulders off the body copy. I pulled the tunic on over my torso and then strapped the spaulders to my shoulders. Then I took the gloves and leggings off the body copy and put them on as well. Then I turned to back to my mother. "Take the sword and kukri too." She said. I nodded and picked them up off the table. I tied the short sword to my belt and looked at the kukri, it's handle was bejeweled and as I pulled it out of it's sheath I saw that the blade was black, there was also an inscription on the blade. I looked at it for a moment and then tied it to the back of my belt. Then my mother handed me a black surcoat with a hood sewed onto the shoulders around the neck. I took and pulled it on around my shoulders, pulling the hood up over my face. Then I reached over and grabbed Natasla's hand and dragged her after me as my mother and I headed up the ladder. As we got closer to the top of the ladder, the louder the screaming got. I was guessing that the ladder led to the street, and when we opened the hatch at the top we saw that I was right. We opened the hatch and my mother climbed out and I climbed out after her, then I held my hand out for Natasla to climb out. As soon as we made the street our family friend, Fang Dreadal, came running up to us, shoving his way through panicking citizens. Behind him was the house maid, Karin, she was wearing a black, hooded, cloak that covered her face. As Fang and Karin came up to us I could see they were wearing surcoats that matched my own. I climbed up into the streets and helped Natasla climb out of the tunnel. The streets were covered by people who were panicked, or just insane with fear. But we needed to get out of the city, so we needed to make our way through them and get out of here.

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