The Battle Mage

The beginning of the Assassin Quest Series, this series starts with Sirius Luna's story.


7. Chapter 7

The next morning I was awoken and taken to the great hall to see Baniwi once again. "My King." I said, bowing. Baniwi waved it off and then he spoke. "I have a mission for you, Mage." He said. I nodded. "Tell me what is you want me to do." I said. Baniwi smiled and cocked his head. "I see you are a man who takes initiative, if I had twenty more men like yourself." He said. I bowed. "There is an army living underground in the ruins of the ancient city of Bådochïna." He said. "The Ancient Elf city?" I asked. "The same." He said nodding. I bowed and he continued. "They wish to revolt against me, led by their queen Ishma, the Spider Queen of Michrus." I furrowed my brow. "I thought that the Michrians were extinct." I said. "So did many others." He said. I nodded. "I need you to go to Bådochïna and destroy Ishma and her army, do you understand?" He said. I bowed. "Why don't you show her some of that fire spell you used yesterday." Baniwi said. "Sire, I began, I can not use a spell that powerful for very long without other magic to pull power from." Baniwi cocked his head. "Tell me what you need." He said. "I need a Mage Hound." I said. "I do not believe I have heard of such a thing." Baniwi said. "It is a dog that carries with it, a magic jewel and follows a Mage to give him power." I said. "Now that I think of it, there is such a dog, in runs astray and it has a jewel on a chain around it's neck." Baniwi said. "That sounds like the dog I need." I said. "I will have my guards capture this dog and bring it to you, in the meantime go get your belongings or anything you will need, also put on that armor I had made for you, I can't lose my only Mage." I nodded and turned to walk away. "And, Baniwi said, do not fear for my men and I will be coming behind you." I bowed once again and then walked out of the great hall and towards my quarters. Once in my quarters I began to tie my armor to my body. I sheathed my short sword and tied my Charred Darkness Blade to my belt. I walked back to the great hall where the guards were dragging, or being dragged, by a large dog. Around the dog's neck, was a large golden chain with a large soul gem in the center of it. I quickly went over to them and took hold of the guard's ropes that they held the dog with. I waved the guards away from the growling dog. I set my hand on the dog's head. "Calm your storm you hold within you." I said calmly. The dog slowly covered it's teeth and stopped growling. I stroked the dog's fur and then I patted it's side. I stood and turned to Baniwi. "Thank you for bringing the dog to me." I said. Baniwi nodded and I bowed. "Go, find Ishma and destroy her." I bowed once more and turned to leave the great hall. Once outside the dog and I made our way over to the stables. I mounted a horse and began riding toward the city gates. The dog, almost to the horse's shoulder, ran behind me. Soon I was through the city gates on the road, Bådochïna was a week's ride to the north. I traveled without rest for the whole week and soon the ruins of the Ancient Elven city were within view. I dismounted and got my tent made. I fell asleep with the dog curled around my shoulders. I slept for a few hours then the time came to act. I tied the horse up outside near a stream and then the dog and I made our way under the city. "Romulus, I said to the dog, keep quiet." I laid my hand on the dog's head. I soon could here voices, drums, and other noises in the darkness. "Welcome my children, we will soon have our revenge for the destruction of our race." I heard a woman's voice say. Her words were followed by a loud roar of cheers and clapping. I looked around the corner of the corridor into a great hall of an ancient castle. Behind a podium stood a stunningly gorgeous woman. Her hair was white and her skin was a light gray. She wore a black dress with silver spider webbing designs sewn into the fabric. Before her stood a massive army. I turned to Romulus and set my hand on his head. "Romulus, go find Baniwi and guide him back here." I whispered. The dog cocked his head and raised his ears. "Go." I said. The dog turned and ran back down the corridor. I slowly stepped around the corner and began rubbing my finger tips. "Are you ready to fight back against the Acrosanarians?" The woman asked. Again came another roar of cheering and clapping from the army before her, and so came my spells. "Bombardios." I whispered before snapping my fingers. Two massive fire balls shot from my hands, exploding a group of soldiers. The others turned and drew their swords, axes, maces, spears, and other weapons. The woman looked up at me. "Who are you?" She asked. "Tell me your name woman, and I will tell you my own." I said. The woman smiled. "I am Ishma, Queen of Michrius." She said. "Then I am the person who will kill you." I said. That caused an uproar from the soldiers. I drew my sword as the came running toward me. One of them swung at me with sword. I sidestepped and slashed down across his back. The man dropped as another soldier ran toward me. He lunged toward me with his spear. I caught the end of the spear and kicked the soldier back. I snapped my fingers and shot a fireball at him. He exploded and his spear flew backwards and planted itself in another soldier's chest. Another soldier came toward me with an axe. I needed more time, and I knew how to get too. "Arrestus Timentios." I shouted. Then suddenly all time paused. I ran forward and stabbed into the axe soldier's chest, then I ran forward and decapitated another soldier. I turned and slashed upwards across another soldier's chest. I spun and swung across, decapitating two more soldiers. Soon I had killed almost all of the soldiers in my path toward Ishma. Once I had gotten close to her, I noticed that she wasn't frozen in time. She stood smiling at me while I slashed and stabbed my way through her soldiers to get to her. Finally I was in front of the podium. I snapped my fingers and launched a fireball at her. She countered and launched it back with a reversal spell. I used a shielding spell to block the fireball. The fireball exploded on my shield, blowing me back slightly. I thought of only one destructive spell that she couldn't reverse. "Dragonius Flamios." I shouted. I threw my hands forward and let the wave of fire be launched toward the Spider Queen. She shielded herself from the fire. But I knew she wouldn't be able to for long. Suddenly I could feel myself weakening and the fire quickly died away. I fell to my knees and my vision began to blur. "For a Mage such as yourself, I would think you would be wise enough to keep your Hound with you." She said. I looked at her for a moment while all her soldiers began to move as my time spell weakened. I fell forwards onto my side as my vision failed. Soon I blacked out. 


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