The Battle Mage

The beginning of the Assassin Quest Series, this series starts with Sirius Luna's story.


6. Chapter 6

A few hours later I was shook awake by a fear crazed man. "Come on, he shouted, we need your help!" I jumped up out of bed and followed him up to the deck. The ship was being shaken about forcefully by the storming ocean. "Come on!" The man shouted. I ran over to him as he attempted to untie the sails from their posts on deck. I grabbed the ropes and quickly tried to untie the slippery cords. "Forget about untying them, just cut them!" I yelled to him. He quickly nodded and drew a small dagger. I drew my sword and quickly slashed apart the ropes. After the ropes swung away, we climbed up the mast and began tying down the sails. We didn't have time to tie them up, the winds would blow the men from their positions and kill them with a fall to the deck below. I grabbed a piece of rope and tied myself to the mast. Then I lifted my hands and began to chant. "Winds of power, winds of change, calm your anger, soften your hate." I looked at the dark sky and after a moment the winds began to lighten a small bit, I grabbed a flailing rope and quickly tied down more of the sail. However the storm continued. It was my last chance. I threw my arms out and screamed as loud as I could into the wind. "Arrestus Timento." I shouted. Suddenly everything stopped as my time spell took effect. Luckily all but me. I untied myself and crawled across the mast, grabbing each rope and tying the rest of the sails down. The reason for tying down the sails during a storm is so the winds would not tear them free of the mast, at the same time the anchor was dropped into the ocean floor below. It was a process called "Stalling". I got all the sails tied up and then I climbed down and went back down below deck, quickly changed my clothes and laid back down in bed. I laid there a moment and then I snapped my fingers. "Freeus Momentios." I said. Suddenly the ship began to shake again as I pulled my pillow down over my head and went back to sleep. The next morning I rolled out of bed and walked back above deck. As I hit the top of the stairs, the crew of the ship began clapping and cheering for me. I raised an eyebrow as the captain walked up to me. "Is there as reason for this, Captain?" I asked. She smiled and set her hand on my shoulder. "The boys and I just wanted to thank ya for all yer help last night, love." She said with her heavy Barbarian accent. "What do you mean, I just help tie the sails down, that's all." I said. She smiled and shook her head. "Sir, I have taken plenty of Assassins across the ocean before, but, I always ask why before I do." I nodded and looked down at the deck as a small barrel rolled by. "And what did you hear about me?" I asked. "That ya are to be enlisted as a Battle Mage undercover to kill Baniwi." She said. I smirked and nodded. "And, she said, I have been victim of plenty of time spells in me past." I looked up and she smiled and walked away. I shook hands and accepted pats on the back from the crew members as I walked up to the railing and grabbed a rope to steady myself as the ship slowly rose and fell on its path toward a distant city. At about the time I did that, a man shouted from the Crow's Nest at the top of the mast. "Land ho, he shouted, land ho!" I smiled as the ship slowly quickened it's pace toward the city. "Welcome to Acrosanar, the place of Baniwi's birth, and his soon to be death." I said to myself. I turned and headed back down below deck to gather my things. I pulled on my cloak and then grabbed my bags and headed back up stairs. It took about half of an hour to reach the harbor. I said goodbye to everyone and walked onto the docks. As I walked through the marketplace of the city, I saw guards walking around, they were harassing a young woman. They shoved her into an alley and then followed her in. I quickened my pace and looked around the corner into the alley. One of the guards had the girl pushed up against the wall and he had plunged his hand up her dress. The other guard stood there smiling and laughing as the girl whimpered and tears rolled down her cheeks. I dropped my bags and slipped into the alley. I grabbed the laughing guard and broke his neck. The other guard quickly turned to me and drew his sword. "Who are you?" He asked in anger at the sight of his dead partner in crime. "I am a Mage." I said to the guard. The man sneered and looked between the girl and I. "Let's test that." He said. He lunged and I quickly sidestepped, beginning to rub my finger tips. The guard lunged again and I sidestepped, this time grabbing his wrist. He looked up at me and I kicked him back. Then I snapped my fingers, launching a small fireball at his chest. There was a blast of heat and light as he exploded. I leaned down and helped the girl up from where she was cowering. "It is alright, you are safe now." I said in a soothing tone. Suddenly another pair of guards came into the alley. "You, one said, come with us." I looked between his sword that he pointed at me and his face. Then I nodded and he led me back outside of the alley. I picked up my bags and let them guide me to the castle. As they brought me into the great hall of the castle, they took my bags. "My king, the guard said, I have a man here for you." I looked up as a young, muscular man turned to look at me. "Speak your peace." Baniwi said. "My king, I have come to join your army as a Battle Mage." I said, bowing to him. "Prove to me you are such a Mage." He said. I took off my cloak and they sent in a large, powerful man. He was barrel chested and he had massive arms. I bowed to Baniwi and then I began to rub my hands together. The man began to charge me and I smiled. "Dragonius Flamios." I said. Then I threw my hands forward and let loose a massive wave of fire. I could hear the man screaming as my fire burned him alive. The smell of burning flesh hit my nostrils and I quickly turned away. The fire quickly died down and I looked up as I heard clapping. Baniwi stood there smiling a devilish smile as he watched the man slowly burn. I bowed to him once more. "Impressive, he said, perhaps you are worthy of my army." I smiled and bowed once again. I could feel I was going to have to do this a lot. "Guards, give him a suit of armor and show him to his quarters." Baniwi said. I stood there and thought to myself for a moment. "If you could make a god bleed, then people would cease to believe in that god, let's just see if I can make you bleed Baniwi, let's just see." 


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