The Battle Mage

The beginning of the Assassin Quest Series, this series starts with Sirius Luna's story.


5. Chapter 5

I woke the next morning and rolled out of bed. Bellara was already awake and downstairs. I walked out into the hallway, almost running into Karin. She jumped as she bumped into me, then she took a step back and curtsied. "Forgive me master." She said. I waved it off and bowed to her. "Your first lesson will be tonight in the Assassins Den." I said. She nodded and then followed me downstairs. Bellara was in the kitchen with Daelus in one arm while she cooked with the other. I walked up behind her and kissed her neck and then I took Daelus from her. "Good morning." I said. She turned and smiled and then went back to cooking. "Good news, she said, I met a young woman in town this morning." I raised an eyebrow and leaned against the table behind me. "And?" I said after a long pause from both of us. "She has a daughter about Daelus's age, her husband left them and she asked if she could live with us." I nodded and looked over as Karin came in the kitchen. "I suppose so, however, until they get back on their feet, I will expect them to get their own money." I said. I didn't say it to be cruel, it's  just that we didn't have enough money to supply them with anything. Bellara nodded and kissed my cheek. Then I stood and went into the other room. "What are their names?" I shouted into the kitchen. "Shera is the mother, the daughter's name is Natasla." Bellara shouted back. I nodded and sat down with Daelus in my lap, then I pulled down the small blue book that we always read to him. I tried to find the page we were last on, but before I could begin reading, there was a knock on the door. I picked up Daelus and walked over to the door. As I opened the door, I automatically knew who it was. I looked up at the massive shape of Fang, he was wearing the surcoat that Assassins wore. I had one that matched, but I didn't wear it very often. "Fang, back so soon?" I said, raising an eyebrow. "I hope I am not interrupting." He said, nodded toward Daelus and the book still in my hand. I shook my head smirking. "No, not yet." I said. Fang nodded and I waved him inside. He again twisted his massive body to fit in the door. Karin curtsied to him as she walked past. Fang bowed and walked past us and up the stairs. I followed and waved for Karin to follow as well. We all filed into the study and Karin locked the door behind us. "What is it now Fang?" I asked in annoyance. He shook his head. "Bad news Sirius, the self proclaimed GodKing Baniwi has made another move against Mittachlan." He said. I furrowed my brow and looked between Fang, Karin, and Daelus. "What does this mean?" I asked. Fang shook his head. "It means that your time table has moved up, and you will have to leave for Acrosanar tonight." I sighed in annoyance and looked over at Karin and then back to Fang. "What about Karin?" I asked, rubbing my eyes. "Grandmaster Baruti has instructed me to be her mentor." Fang said. I sat down at my desk and began tapping my forehead on the edge of the desktop. "Gods why do you torment me?" I asked under my breath. "Tell Baruti I will be out by tonight, now get out of here, please let me have the last day home with my family in peace." They both nodded and left the room. I sat for a moment and then looked at Daelus. "Why does Father feel like an ass?" I asked. Daelus smiled at me and then began tugging on the book in my hand. "Because he is." I said opening the book and beginning to read. After a few hours of reading, Daelus and I fell asleep in my chair. Suddenly a loud knock on the door awoke me. The door opened a crack and Bellara poked her head in. "Sirius?" She said. I nodded and waved her in. She came over and picked up Daelus out of my arms. "Bellara, I said, I found out that I am leaving tonight." She frowned and looked at the floor. "I know, she said, Karin has already packed your bags." I nodded and stood. Then I kissed her on top of the head. I walked out into the hall and down the stairs, where my bags were sitting next to the door. I grabbed my cloak and opened the door, seeing it was already dark outside. Bellara came down the stairs and I kissed her and Daelus. "Goodbye sweetheart." I said grabbing my two bags and throwing them over my shoulder. "May Syca guide me home to you once again." I said. Then I shut the door and began walking. After an hour I reached the docks where a ship was still waiting. I walked over to the ship and stepped on board. Then I set my bags down and greeted the ship captain who was apparently waiting for me. I sat down on the edge of the ship's deck railing and watched my home city disappear into the fog that covered the waters. Soon I went below deck and into my quarters. I laid down and stared at the ceiling, already I was aching for home. I stared at the ceiling and soon I was asleep. Drifting off into another dream. Perhaps Shadow had gotten his point across with my nightmares and now he was just happy that I was praying to him once more. Perhaps.


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