The Battle Mage

The beginning of the Assassin Quest Series, this series starts with Sirius Luna's story.


4. Chapter 4

We came home and I sent Karin into my study. Then I explained what happened to Bellara, or at least the fake version of it. We had found her sitting at a tavern, talking about her family troubles and we brought her home. After a few minutes, Fang came in the house and I sent him to the study as well. Then after I made sure that Daelus was asleep, I went as well. I walked in the study and shut the door behind me and locked it. Then I turned and saw that Fang had already opened the secret door and Karin and he had gone into my armory. I walked over and went inside and down the stairs. "Fang, I said, did you send for the Grandmaster?" He nodded. "About seven minutes ago." He said. I nodded and turned to Karin. "Karin, a man will come down that ladder in a few minutes, do not be afraid of him, he will give you a kukri and read you the rules of the Assassin Order, then he will ask you to sign a piece of parchment, if you do it, you will be an official member of The Order, if you decline, he will kill you." She nodded and looked around. "Sit down at that table and wait, we will be up stairs, just knock on the door once the man has left." I said, waving Fang up the stairs. Then I looked at her and smiled. "Do not worry, he won't hurt unless you decline, family means to much to him." I said. Karin's eyes widened when she realized of who I spoke. Then I went up the stairs and hit the switch that shut the door, quickly sliding out into the study and sitting down next to Fang at my desk. We sat and we waited for Karin to knock, I prayed she would knock, I didn't want to see her hurt. Luckily Shadow was watching over her, within a few moments of me sitting down, we heard a small knock. I stood, as did Fang, and I opened the door. On the other side of the door stood Karin, Charred Darkness Blade and black hooded surcoat in hand. Karin looked between us and then curtsied, Fang and I looked at her for a moment and then bowed in return. "The Grandmaster said that you two are Mentors and that I should choose one of you to teach me how to kill." Karin said. Fang and I looked at each other and then I held up one finger to Karin, telling her to give us a moment. I took Fang aside and we began speaking in hushed tones. "Fang, I whispered, I found her and I have basically raised her in my home, let me teach her, she will trust me more." Fang nodded. "You still haven't told me why you called me here." He said. I sighed and looked over at Karin and then back at Fang. "I need you to watch over my family while I am away." I said. Fang raised an eyebrow and then blinked a couple of times. "Alright, I have nothing else to do with my free time, well besides the obvious." He said. I smirked and patted his shoulder. Then we walked back over to Karin. "Karin, I began, I will be your mentor, it will be hard work and you must be willing to do everything I say, do you understand?" She nodded and curtsied once again and I bowed to her in return. "Welcome to the Assassin Order, I said, do you have any questions?" She nodded. "Just one." She said. I nodded. "If your father is the Grandmaster, what does that make you?" I smiled. "Just another Assassin." I said. "If the king knows about the Assassin Order, why doesn't he do anything?" She asked. I smiled. "That's more than one question." I said. Karin curtsied and took a couple steps back. "But, I said, I will answer it anyway." Karin looked up at me and grinned. "The reason the king does nothing with the knowledge he has, is because my father, the Grandmaster, is the king's brother." I said. Karin's eyes widened and she took a step forward. "Then that means you're royalty." She said. I nodded. Karin opened her mouth to say something else, but I put my fingers to her lips and stopped her. "Shh, young pupil, all will be revealed in time." I said. Karin nodded and then Fang and I began to walk toward the doors of the study. I stopped and looked back at Karin until she followed us. Fang opened the door and twisted his massive body to fit out the door, then Karin and I followed. "Here, I said, take this and get some new clothes tomorrow." I handed Karin a pouch full of silver coins. She smiled and took it from me, then she curtsied and walked down the hall to her quarters. I turned and went back inside the study. Then I shut the door, locking it once more. I walked over and went down the stairs of the still open bookcase. Once down stairs I took off my armor and and put it back on the body copy, followed by my sword and Charred Darkness Blade onto the table next to the body copy. I stood for a moment and sighed. "Still here father?" I said turning to face him in the corner of the room. He stepped out of the shadows and walked over to me. "Feeling sentimental are we, son?" He asked. I ran my hand through my hair and shrugged. "Don't shrug at me Sirius, your mother did that all the time, it is a terrible trait you have picked up, it infuriates me." He said. I nodded and sat down at the table. "Why would you spare that girl, what does she do, other than clean your house and make you meals?" He asked. "That man tried to rape her father, I couldn't just let that happen." I said defensively. "It happens everyday in this city, we can not just bring in everyone of those girls and make them Assassins." He said. "Because half of those girls don't have what it takes to resist, I said, she did." My father shook his head and sat down next to me. "Son, I know you care for this girl, but she is simply a servant in your home." He said. "Don't say that father, she was willing to attack me when I found her, she knew I was an Assassin and she was willing to attack an Assassin without thought." I said. My father sighed. "Who else would have what it takes to do that?" I asked. My father smiled and set his hand on my shoulder. "Not many, son." He said as he stood and walked over to the ladder. "My Shadow guide you, father." I said without turning to look at him. "And you, Sirius." He said before he climbed up the ladder and opened the hatch into the street. I sat for a moment and then I stood and walked up stairs. I hit the switch and slid out into the study as the bookcase shut. Then I opened the door and walked out into the hallway and walked down to the bedroom. Bellara was already asleep as I sat down on the edge of the bed and removed my shirt and boots. "Bellara, I said, I have something to tell you, I am an Assassin and my father is the Grandmaster of the Assassin Order." Bellara rolled over in the bed and wrapped her self with more of the blanket. "Gods, I said, why can't it be that simple when she is awake?" I pulled off my pants and laid down in the bed, wrapping myself with what was left of the blanket. After a minute Bellara rolled over and wrapped her arm around my abdomen. "Why?" I asked again. Then, without answer, I fell asleep and was plunged into another dream. 


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