The Battle Mage

The beginning of the Assassin Quest Series, this series starts with Sirius Luna's story.


3. Chapter 3

We stood in silence for a few moments and then Bellara came back with our drinks, breaking the silence. "Here you are, she said handing us our cups, it is only water though." Fang looked down at his cup and then blinked a couple of times, then he handed Daelus to me and drank down the water in one go. He licked his lips and smiled, handing the cup back to Bellara. I raised my eyebrows and smirked as she slowly reached over and took the cup back in amazement. Then I handed Daelus back to Fang and drank some of my water, looking between the three of them as I did. I brought the cup down and looked over at Bellara. "Darling, we are going to be in the study, just knock on the door if you need anything." I said smiling. She smiled back and nodded, then she turned and took Fang's cup back into the kitchen, we heard water running and then she came back, having refilled Fang's cup with more water. She handed the cup back to Fang and he slightly bowed, then we headed upstairs to the study. I opened the door and waved Fang inside, I came around the door and glanced either way down the hall to make certain no one was there, then I shut the door and locked it. Fang was standing, dead center of the room, when I turned around. I looked over at him as I walked past to the secret door. I pulled down on the small orange book lever that opened the door and watched it once again, recede further into the wall and then slide over, hiding itself from the rest of the room. Fang walked over and we headed down the stairs and into the the bottom room. "So, he began, what is the big, dramatic, reason you called me here?" I sighed and let loose everything that had happened this morning. As I spoke I watched his eyes slowly widen and his eyebrows slowly rise. "And now we're here in the secret room that Bellara has not the slightest idea of it's existence." Fang looked around the room and then leaned on the table behind him. "This girl, Karin, do you think that if she joined The Order, she would not be so scared of Grandmaster Baruti?" Fang asked. I shrugged and looked around. "I do not even know if should would be able to kill, she is merely a girl, perhaps she would be to scared to kill someone." I said. "Were we so different when we first killed?" Fang asked. I smiled and chuckled to myself, thinking of how afraid I was when I first killed. "Is she being courted by anyone?" Fang asked, raising an eyebrow. I shrugged. "Perhaps, she was dressed differently this morning." I said. "How so?" Fang asked. "She had lip paint and eye shade on, her hair was pulled back instead of let down, and she had earrings in her ears as well as a small pendant around her neck." I said, thinking back. "Do we have a possible idea of who this person is?" Fang asked, cocking his head. I shook my head. "Then he can not be trusted whoever he is." Fang said defensively. "Where is Karin now?" He quickly asked. "She is upstairs sleeping." I said. Fang shook his head. "Not likely, do you have any idea of what time it is?" Fang asked, smirking. My eyes widened and just then we heard a knock upstairs. We quickly took the stairs two at a time until we reached the study, Fang went over and opened the door while I hit the switch shutting the bookcase. "Yes Mrs. Luna?" He asked as I came over to them. "Karin is gone." Bellara said. My eyes widened as Fang glanced over his shoulder at me. Fang handed Daelus back to Bellara and turned to me. "Fang, go out and wait for me, I'll meet you out there with a map of the city." I said. Fang nodded and went into the hall with Bellara. I quickly turned and reopened the secret door, after locking the door behind them. I went downstairs into the room and got my armor off the body copy. Then I got my short sword and my Charred Darkness Blade. After tying the armor down to my body and my sword and kukri knife tied to my belt, I opened another secret door that led to a ladder, that led to the street above. I grabbed my surcoat and pulled the hood over my face, then I climbed the ladder and opened the hatch that led into the street. Fang was already there waiting for me. "Call the others, I said, we can't let her be hurt." I said. Fang nodded and we both made the hawk call. Mine was perfect, but Fang's was a little scratchy, however he was a Vah Shir, they aren't supposed to make bird calls. After a second, a pair of our brothers came out of the crowd on the street. We made the Praying Hands Bow to them and vice versa. "What do you ask of us?" One of the brothers asked. "One of my family has gone missing, we need you to call more of our brothers and sisters to skewer the city and help us find her." I said. Then Fang took over. "She is a young girl, perhaps seventeen or eighteen years of age, she goes by the name of Karin." He said. Our brothers nodded and then faded back into the crowd. Fang and I looked at each other and then we climbed up the side of my house and then went separate ways once we got to the roof. Him to the south, I to the north. We ran and jumped between the roofs of the other homes and building in the city, always watching the streets for Karin. I ran for hours, jumping between roof tops and alley ways, once I thought I spotted her, but I was wrong, it was just a girl who looked like her. I suddenly had to stop, two of the roof tops had a massive space between them, I walked up and leaned over the edge of the roof top and looked down into the void. I couldn't stop for this, I backed up a few feet and took a breath. Then I took off, running full force toward the void, just before I hit the edge of the roof I leaped. I flailed my arms and legs until I hit the next roof, my feet connected with the rooftop and I rolled forward on my shoulder. I stood and looked around until I caught my breath. Then I heard a loud scream, I started running until I hit the edge of the roof and I looked over. There was a massive crowd all standing around an alleyway entrance. I looked over the roof into the alleyway, then I saw a sight that made me want to scream. There, in the alleyway, stood Karin and a man laying against the wall. In Karin's hand, something flashed in the moonlight. I quickly stepped off the roof's edge and dropped into the alleyway. A massive burst of pain shot up into my shoulders from my feet as I slammed into the cobble stone street. Karin jumped and turned defensively toward me. Then I saw what was in her hand, it was a small dagger. I stood and slowly made my way over to her. "Stay there." She said. I stopped for a second and then kept walking. "I mean it, she continued, don't come near me." This time I didn't stop until I was within slashing distance of the blade. Then, as much as it pained me to do it, I dropped to one knee and bowed to her. As I did I put my hand to my chest and used a Voice Change spell. "You have killed an innocent man, I said in the foreign voice, it is my job to welcome you to The Order." I looked up at her and slowly took the blade from her hand. "With this, the weapon of your kill, I now appoint you; Karin, recruit of the Assassin Order." Then I handed the blade back, handle first, and stood. She looked up at me and then I put my arm around her shoulder and walked her out of the alleyway. I pushed through the people in the crowd, well within reason, most of them just moved on their own. "How do you know my name?" She asked as soon as we were free of the crowd. "Because we were all sent out by you master Sirius after you left." I said, still using the foreign voice. "Why?" She asked. "You tell me, I said, why did you kill that man?" She looked around then she looked back at me. "He was courting me, but he was making unwanted advances." I glanced over at her, now seeing that her clothes were torn and her face had a hand print on it. Now I felt the anger welling within my stomach. "He tried to take advantage of you?" I asked. She nodded. "I have a question." I said, my spell starting to wear off. "What?" She asked. "Once you have recovered, would you come back to work?" She stopped and looked at me wide eyed as my spell wore completely off. "Mr. Luna?" She said to my back. I stopped and looked back over my shoulder at her, then I pulled my hood away from my face, securing her wonder. "Everyone has secrets Karin, ones that we keep and ones that are kept from us, this is one that should be kept from my family and one that I already keep." I said. She nodded and I pulled my hood back up as she walked up next to me and kept my pace. I made a hawk call and after a moment one of my brothers came out of the shadows. "Make this known, Karin has been found and that Fang Dreadal should return to my house in the west of the city." The Assassin bowed to me and vice versa, then he disappeared again into the shadows.


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