The Battle Mage

The beginning of the Assassin Quest Series, this series starts with Sirius Luna's story.


2. Chapter 2

I woke the next morning to one of my maids shaking me by the shoulders. I opened my eyes and looked up at her, she was wearing a short, frilly, skirt. She had on lace leggings and she had dark blue lip paint on her full lips. "What is it Karin?" I asked, groaning and covering my eyes from the bright sunlight coming in from the window across the room. "Sir, she said in a quivering voice, there is a man at the door, I do not know who he is, but he frightens me." I knew of who she spoke, the man was the Grandmaster of the Assassin Order, however to the outside world, it was only the Assassins Guild, there was no "Order" supposedly. "Alright, I said, I'll go see who he is, however I will ask you not to speak of this visitor." I cautioned. She nodded and then noticed she was giving me a view of what was up her skirt. She quickly turned and left the room, blushing. I sat up and looked over at Bellara, still asleep. I lightly stroked her jawline and grinned as she smiled and and kissed my fingers as they ran over her lips. I stood and grabbed my pants, pulling them on. Then I opened the door and walked down stairs and into the living room. The Grandmaster, Baruti, was waiting for me. "Master, I said making the Praying Hands Bow  of the Assassin Order, what is it you ask of me?" He made the Praying Hands to me before he began. "You know the king of Mittachlan knows of The Order, yes?" I nodded as he continued. "The war in the south has reached his attention, and without the soldiers to properly mount an offensive attack, he has called upon The Order to aid him." I furrowed my brow and cocked my head. "What does he need?" I asked. "He wants an Assassin, a Mage, to infiltrate the enemy army and kill it's leader." I smiled and crossed my arms over my bare chest. "And you thought of me?" I asked sarcastically. "Truthfully, I didn't originally." He said smiling. We laughed and hugged lightly. "It is good to see you after all this time, father." I said as we pulled away. He smiled and slowly stroked his beard before continuing. "Tell me Sirius, how is your family?" I looked up stairs and then back at my father. "They are well, however I am finding it harder to hide who I am from them." I said. "Let Shadow guide you, he has all the answers." I nodded and looked over as Karin came over and offered us glasses of water. I could see she feared my father, she kept her eyes down, and she was wise to do so. My father was only kind to family, and other than that, you meant nothing to him, and by family I mean blood and members of The Order, in the Assassin Order, we were all family. My father looked over at Karin and lifted her chin with his index finger. "Why do you avert my gaze little one?" He asked sweetly. Her chin quivered and she looked on the verge of tears. "Because you are an Assassin." She said. Suddenly my father burst into laughter, making Karin jump visibly. "Dear girl, just because I kill for a living does not mean that I am someone to be feared." He said smiling. I furrowed my brow and looked back and forth between them. "Unless you have a reason to fear me." He said, his eyes becoming serious and his smile quickly fading. Her eyes widened and she took a step back. Suddenly my father's expression lightened once more just before Karin ran from the room. "Father, why do you do that?" I asked. He smiled and shrugged. "Alright back to business." I said. But we didn't get there, because at about that time Bellara came down stairs carrying Daelus in her arms. "Oh, hello Baruti, how are you?" She asked smiling. My father smiled and reached out his arms. Bellara hugged him and then she let him take Daelus and hold him. "This is a strong boy you have here Sirius." He said turning his head to look at me. I nodded and smiled while I wrapped my arm around Bellara's shoulders and hugged her. "We did work hard father." I said with a smirk. "I'm sure he will want to follow in his father's footsteps." My father said looking Daelus over once more before handing him back to Bellara. I glared at him and then smiled as Bellara looked up at me. "Darling, I said, turning to look at Bellara, give me Daelus and then go make us breakfast, please." She smiled and handed Daelus over to me, then she left the room. I watched her leave and then I turned back to Baruti. "Watch how you speak father, now quickly tell me how I am supposed to help the war effort." I hissed. He nodded and looked into the kitchen area. "You will join the enemy army, only the king, myself and The Order will know of your true identity, this means you will have to kill like any other soldier." I nodded before he continued. "Because of your abilities as a Mage, you will be recruited as a Battle Mage, then you must make your way into the castle and assassinate the enemy's king." I nodded again. "I understand master." I said. "You will be alone on this contract son, no one will be able to help you." He said. My father leaned forward and kissed Daelus on the top of the head. "May the Father of Death guide you, both of you, and give my regards to Bellara." He said. My father turned and opened the door, walked out, and closed the door behind him. I walked up to the window and watched him fade into the crowd and soon he was out of sight. "Oh, Bellara said making me jump visibly, I thought Baruti was having breakfast with us." I turned to look at her, she smiled and I handed Daelus back to her. "Well, he is a busy man, he has many things to do." I said. She nodded and walked into the other room, leaving a pair of plates filled with food on the small table next to the door. I picked them up and walked into the other room, Bellara was sitting with Daelus in her lap, opening a small book. We both knew Daelus couldn't understand what we said to him, but it was the tone of our voices we used that got his attention. I stood in the door way and watched my beautiful son as he listened to Bellara read to him. I did not know how I was going to tell them I was leaving, but I would have to, and soon. Suddenly motion caught my eye and pulled me from my thoughts. It was Karin, her cloak pulled over her shoulders, heading fro the door quicker than I've ever seen. She looked like she had been crying. I quickly sidestepped, blocking her path to the door. "Karin, what's wrong?" I asked. She lifted her face to look at me, her eye shade was smeared and making rivers of dark green down her cheeks. She had been crying. "That man, she said sniffling, he scared me so badly, I just can't stay here, what if he comes back?" I cupped her cheeks in my hands. "You'd be safer here, than out there, you wouldn't see him coming out there, that is if he wanted you dead." I said, trying to be reassuring. Karin's eyes widened and she started to tear up again, that's when I noticed I didn't really help the situation. I quickly thought of something to say. "Which he doesn't, that man was, I stopped and looked into the other room before lowering my voice, that man was my father." She quickly furrowed her brow. "He wouldn't hurt you because he knows that it would bother me to much." I said. "What does that mean?" She asked. I smiled. "Because he values family to much to hurt us." Karin looked down and then back up at me. "But, I'm not family." She said. I shook my head. "But you do live here, I said, and this is my home, all those who live under this roof are my family even if not blood." She smiled and I took her cloak off her shoulders and folded it over my arm. "Go get some rest, we'll need you at dinner." I said smiling. Karin nodded and headed upstairs and to bed. Now I decided, it is time to tell Bellara of my objective. I turned and walked back into the other room, Bellara looked up as I walked in and sat on the arm of her chair. "Bellara, I began, there is something I need to tell you." She looked up at me and cocked her head. "What is it Sirius?" She asked. I ran my tongue over my teeth before I continued. "The king has asked me to become a Battle Mage in his army." It just came out as quickly as Bellara's jaw dropped. "When do you leave?" She asked, resting her hand on mine. "I do not know, but I had to let you know before I just left." I said. She smiled and I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, pulled her in, and kissed her. "Just be careful Sirius." She said. I nodded and went up stairs to my study. I walked in, locked the door behind me, and walked over to the bookcase. I pulled down on the small orange book that was the secret lever that opened into my personal armory. I waited for the door to open and then I went down stairs. I had a Vah Shir friend named Fang that would watch over my family in my absence. I just hoped he had not left the city, he had been thinking about it. I got a piece of parchment and wrote down my message to Fang on it. Then I put it in my pocket and headed back up stairs, I hit the secret latch that shut the door behind me, then I left the study and went back down stairs and outside. I got outside and to the bottom of the stairs leading up to my door, then I made the default hawk call of the Assassin Order. After a moment one of the Assassins left the crowd and walked up to me. "Here, I said handing it to him, take this and get it to Fang Dreadal, do you understand?" The Assassin nodded. I waved him off and he faded back into the crowd of people walking in the street. I walked back inside and waited for a few hours, then there was a knock at the door. I stood from my chair and opened the door. In the doorway stood Fang, cloaked and hooded. I waved him inside and he ducked and twisted his body to fit in the doorway he obviously outsized. Only a Werewolf would rival his size, but that was Vah Shir for you, to big to fit in your house, to big to fit in your life. At about that same time, Bellara came down the stairs, carrying Daelus, to see who was at the door. "Oh, Mr. Fang, I haven't seen you in almost a month, how are you?" She asked. Fang took off his hood and looked up the stairs at her. "I am well, thank you Mrs. Luna." He said with a slight bow. "We have called you to the house several times in the past." Bellara said. "I know, and pardon my rudeness, I had other matters to attend to." Fang said looking at the floor. Bellara waved the comment off and set her free hand on her hips. "Forget about it, we all have important things in our lives." She said with a smile. Fang nodded and Bellara walked the rest of the way down stairs and into the kitchen. "Darling?" I shouted into the kitchen. Bellara poked her head around the corner of the door way. "Could you make us drinks please?" She nodded, smiling, and came over to us. Fang took Daelus from her and smiled, or the equivalent of, as Daelus reached up and played with Fang's ears. "You really should come by more often Fang." Bellara said as she turned and headed back into the kitchen. 


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