The Battle Mage

The beginning of the Assassin Quest Series, this series starts with Sirius Luna's story.


1. Chapter 1


Mittachlan, twelve centuries after the coming of the gods, it was a time of Fear, War, and the only people who could stop it, were the most accomplished killers in history. I could not let my family know of my true intentions when I left. I came here for one purpose. We are Masters, Warriors, and Legends. We are Assassins, my name is Sirius Luna and I am one of them, like my father before me. This is my story.

Chapter 1

The story begins just after I burst awake from a nightmare, one I had been having for almost a year. I sat up and twisted my body, swinging my legs over the bed and placing my feet on the cold wood floor. A blur of movement caught my eye as my wife, Bellara, woke up and sat up behind me. She wrapped her arm over my shoulder, and her other arm around my waist, closing the circle by clasping her hands on my abdomen. "Which one was it?" She asked before kissing my jaw and resting her chin on my shoulder. "Same one, I said glancing back at her, always the same one." She nodded slightly and rested her head on my back. "The Mines." She said. I nodded and rubbed her slender arm. "Do you think I woke Daelus?" I asked in fear looking back at her. "I think we would have heard about it by now." She said. She smiled up at me and I stood. "Get some sleep, I'll go check on him." Bellara nodded and laid back, wrapping herself in the blanket. I walked out into the hallway and looked either way then I slowly crept down to Daelus's room. I opened the door a crack and looked in. Daelus was still only a child, but he could sleep through a war trumpet being blown into his ear drums. I grinned and slowly closed the door and crept back into the bedroom. I walked in and sat down once again on the edge of the bed. After a moment of going through the nightmare step by step, just like all the other times, I began rubbing my temples. "Gods, why do you torment me with these dreams, have I not been a noble and loyal servant?" I asked to the cold night air. I did not expect an answer, and did not get one. Sometimes I had let my faith slip, I pondered the nonexistence of the gods. Shadow, the god of Assassins was the only one I truly prayed to. He had answered my prayers, helping me find a way to keep my deathly secret from my family. I wasn't doing it to be cruel, but to protect them from cruelty. If my enemies discovered who my family was, they would hurt them to hurt me. That could not happen. I sighed and laid back on the bed staring up at the ceiling. Suddenly there was movement to my right and I looked down as Bellara rested her hand on my chest. "The gods have not forsaken you Sirius, they just do not choose to enter into worldly affairs." She said, not opening her eyes. I lifted my arm and wrapped it around her waist, pulling her closer to my side. "I fear that these dreams are a way to warn me of something." I said slowly closing my eyes. "Perhaps, She said again not opening her eyes, after all the gods ways are not ours." Soon we fell asleep and I was once again plunged into a dream, but a happy one this time, perhaps Shadow was watching over me after all.

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