104 days of love

It all started this summer. Hi I am Lexi just Lexi not Alexia. I am 18 graduated this year. I applied for a job at Hollister as a model. My best friend Eleanor well my new best friend is dating Louis from one direction. What happens when Lexi falls for one of them but when she has a problem with her heart and the doctor tells her she only had this summer to live she wants to live her life so it will end well but what happens when the guy she is falling for doesn't like her? Find out here. Please read this and like and favorite enjoy!!


5. Chapter 5

Eleanor picked up. Perfectly calm. "Hello"? "Hi Eleanor where does the boys live"? "12 Clearwater drive why"? "Thanks and there is a fire and I tried calling the police they didn't believe me I am on my way". "Oh my gosh I will call them don't worry then meet you there". I hung up and once I got there you could see the flames. I got out and slammed the door. 4 boys stood screaming at each other. Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn. I went over to them. "Where's Niall"!! "Who are you"!!??? Screamed Liam. "Long story guys and lexi he is stuck in the fire". I quickly tried to find a opening with no fire. The back there was no fire. The basement door was locked I kicked it open. "Niall it's Lexi"!!!! No reply. I kept shouting his name. Upstairs near the fire Niall lay on the floor trying to undo his foot on a board. "Niall'"? He looked over with sad eyes. "Help me". I quickly went to him and helped but then I couldn't breathe. His foot came undone at least. I couldn't breathe. The last thing I remember is being on the ground hearing Niall call my name and sirens then darkness.
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