104 days of love

It all started this summer. Hi I am Lexi just Lexi not Alexia. I am 18 graduated this year. I applied for a job at Hollister as a model. My best friend Eleanor well my new best friend is dating Louis from one direction. What happens when Lexi falls for one of them but when she has a problem with her heart and the doctor tells her she only had this summer to live she wants to live her life so it will end well but what happens when the guy she is falling for doesn't like her? Find out here. Please read this and like and favorite enjoy!!


4. Chapter 4

Hi people!!! My name is Katie and this isn't my first movella but not a lot of people like them. So please like and comment I am working on the chapters so don't be disappointed and also who wants to be Harry's Gf comment ur name eye color hair color what is your personality and I will choose thanks xoxo Katie!!
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