104 days of love

It all started this summer. Hi I am Lexi just Lexi not Alexia. I am 18 graduated this year. I applied for a job at Hollister as a model. My best friend Eleanor well my new best friend is dating Louis from one direction. What happens when Lexi falls for one of them but when she has a problem with her heart and the doctor tells her she only had this summer to live she wants to live her life so it will end well but what happens when the guy she is falling for doesn't like her? Find out here. Please read this and like and favorite enjoy!!


3. Chapter 3

The traffic wasn't bad sense it was Tuesday. I got to the doctors to see Dr. Tutu. I know weird name. But he was nice. I had to take another medication. Now that I was 18 I didn't have to tell my parents that this is my last summer to live because I am a legal adult now and I don't want them to treat me differently. "So Lexi we are going to try another prescription". "Ok". She still tried to get me to tell my parents but I stood my ground after that I went to Nandos my favorite restaurant! I got a booth in the back and was scanning the menu when I looked over to see Niall Horan and Harry Styles!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! Lexi calm down keep it cool. The waitress came over. "Hi could I get you anything". She smiled but you could tell she did it to everyone. "Yes please the fish and steak with onion rings with a diet coke". "Ok is that all"? "Yep thank you". I smiled she walked away with the menu while I took out my phone. To mom: at nandos be home soon xoxo Lexi. That's when someone or people appeared next to me. "Hi" I heard a Irish accent. Oh my gosh! "Hi". "I'm Niall and this is my mate...". "Harry a pleasure to meet in". He held his hand out right in nialls face I quickly shook it. "Lexi". "Nice to meet you Lexi". Niall smiled and oh tht smile!!! "So we just came to sit with you because you sat alone". "Oh I am fine just none of my friends are around". "We're friend now aren't we"?? Harry butted in again. I wanted to punch him. "Ya sure...". RING!! Went Harry's phone. "Oh crap be right back got to take this". He got up and left thats when Niall and Harry's food came the lady was confused. "Over here mam". She hesitated dropped of the food and left. "So...". "So.." We both started laughing. Haha. That's when Harry came running in. "We have to go there's a fire at our place"!!!! Quickly Harry pulled Niall away off they went leaving their food behind. Well.... I took out my phone quickly and dialed 911. "Hello there is a fire I don't know where but at one directions place". "Haha kid not funny". I hung up and left my tip went into my Honda and tried to find where they live. ELEANOR!!!! She's dating Louis she should know!
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