104 days of love

It all started this summer. Hi I am Lexi just Lexi not Alexia. I am 18 graduated this year. I applied for a job at Hollister as a model. My best friend Eleanor well my new best friend is dating Louis from one direction. What happens when Lexi falls for one of them but when she has a problem with her heart and the doctor tells her she only had this summer to live she wants to live her life so it will end well but what happens when the guy she is falling for doesn't like her? Find out here. Please read this and like and favorite enjoy!!


2. Chapter 2

"Lexi wake up time for your photo shoot in an hour"!!! Ugh "ok"! I groaned and yawned. I got up and made my bed. My hair was all messed up for now. I put on some white shorts and a white Hollister tank top with a sweatshirt from Hollister. As I pulled my hair brush through my hair my curls came out so I straightened my hair. By the time I was eating it was 12 so I grabbed a apple and quickly eat it and brushed my teeth. All if a sudden something hit the back of my head. "What the hell"!!! My brother had hit me with one of his darts. "MOM LEXI SWORE"!!! "LEXI LANUAGE"!!!! Ugh Luke stuck out his tongue and ran back to his room. I quickly put on foundation and mascara ,liquid eyeliner then pink lip gloss. Perfect but not perfect enough! I skipped downstairs and got on my blue flip flops with my iphone4. Grabbed my keys off the hook an went to my blue Honda.

Once I got to Hollister I got a text from my mom. Mom: after you have a doctors appointment love you enjoy the shoot! I laughed in my head and went into Greenview Mall then found my way to Hollister. Once I was at the front desk this cute guy with a white Hollister shirt and some jeans with short brown hair and blue eyes. "Hi may I help you"? His voice was rough. "Hi I am here for the modeling job. "Ok back there to the left a girl with a clipboard will show you from there". "Thanks" I replied and followed his instructions then spotted the girl with the clipboard. Brown hair and brown eyes. Really she was gorgeous! "Hi I am Lexi here for the modeling job". I plastered a fake smile on my lips. She scanned her clipboard for some reason. "Ok I am Eleanor and just follow me, also put this on for now". She didnt return my smile. Wow someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed! I followed as we want there were different booths with numbers on curtains. I was number 7. "Just stay here and sit I will go get the designers for you". And with that she was gone. I say there for about 10 minutes and 6 different people came in all girls with aprons. They ripped off my number and started by making me shower then put on a dress that had flowers with different colors and some sandals that were brown. Then they blow dried my hair left it curly then pulled it into a neat bun. My makeup was removed and replaced with a whole different kind. Once they were done I looked stunning. I was scooted out of the area and walked out to a booth with a back round that was trees and the sun shining. I had a lot of picture taken then I was recharged with different clothes then I was done. Eleanor met up with me after and was a lot nicer. "You got the job"!!! She screeched. I jumped up and down all excited. We exchanged numbers and said we would hang soon. After that I was off to the doctors :(.
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