Smile :)

Lauren has forgotten how to smile ever since her mum died and now her father has remarried so Lauren has to move houses, move schools and leave her two best friends. Will Lauren ever get her smile back?


1. starting school

                  Today i am going to start school and i wouldn't have to if my dad hadn't remarried. Its horrible having a step mother, well ok, she is nice but that just makes her worse, she is ment to be horrible like in fairy tales and i'm ment to be the princess getting tortured. But that's never going to happen not in a million years. What is wrong with me i should be happy im not getting tortured! This school uniform is so boring, in my last school we never wore any uniform. I put on my white t-shirt, then my grey sweat shirt and hop in to my dull grey skirt. I run down the stairs and grab a piece of toast from the plate and head for the door. Dad is waiting for me in his blue car, he smiles when he sees me. Then i see flair, dads new wife and my smile is immediately gone. As i open the door i ask with a slight edge in my voice "why is flair here?" dad looks embarrassed and says "what's wrong with flair coming? Anyway she is here to help, as she knows this is the first time you started a new school." Flair turns her head and smiles, i look away and fold my arms, i sit like this for the rest of the journey to school.

                   As the car drives up to the school gates i get a proper look at it. It looks old but fairly big and the play ground's massive to, there are trees in a little corner and little crayon drawrings on the floor, at the far end there is a shed with benches under it. I open the car door and dad and Flair say their goodbyes. I walk through the gates my chestnut brown hair blowing in the wind. I walk in to the building and in to the class room, all eyes are on me, it feels intimidating, the teacher beckons me to stand next to her. " This is Lauren, now every body i've told you all about her so lets make her feel welcome. Oh and by the way i am miss Rosa. Ok now Lauren you can sit next to Alice, she volunteered to look after you, she's over there," miss Rosa pointed to a girl with curly dark brown hair and a smiley face. I walked a cross the class room and sat next to Alice she she turned her head to face me and gave me a smile. I gave her a nervous smile and faced miss Rosa who was explaining the work.

                It was wierd at lunch time Alice took me round the school but her friends kept on saying they wanted to have a go to show me around the school. They treated me like a doll! I felt like pushing them away and saying i'm not a doll but since i am the new girl and first impressions are really important i can't do that. They show me the toilets, dining area, assembly hall and class rooms. Its really big and i wonder how i will find my way round but im sure i'll be fine. How did i know my way round when i was really little and just started nersury? After break time is finnished we go back in to the class room. " Today we are going to do some  art and we will have to work in partners so don't leave anyone out! We are going to draw a picture of our family and you and your patner will put your families to gether to make one big family then you will draw a picture frame around it and decorate  that, ok does every one understand?" says miss Rosa. Every one in the class says yes miss Rosa and jumps up to find a partner i see Alice looking around to find me. I jump up and try and hide from her but i bump in to a girl that i haven't seen in the class before her hair is in a blonde pony tail with a front frindge and she has brown eyes. " Do you want to be my partner?" she says in almost a whisper. I nod and she smiles! We get a big sheet of  plain paper and get out loads of colouring pencils and pens we also get out sequins and a glue stick. " I was looking every where for you! Do you want to be my partner," Alice asks. " sorry i am um..." i begin to say. " Don't tell me your Poppy's partner," says Alice while laughing. Poppy looks down at the blank papper, she looks hurt but she doesn't say anything. " yes i am working with Poppy because she already asked me," i say and Poppy looks at me and a smile appears on her face. Alice goes off in a huff but i don't mind i'd much rather work with Poppy. We start drawring our families Poppy has drawn a women in high heels with blone hair i asume its her mum. I draw dad first, i draw him with his brown hair all floppy. Then i draw Flair with her short black hair and her mini skirts. " Is that your mum? she... looks" stamers Poppy. " No she is my step mum and yes, i know she wears thoughs sort of stuff it is embarassing," i say  while i look at what Poppy has drawn. She has drawn a man with a green shirt on and a baby with a blue towel rapped around it. " Is she mean to you like snow whites evil step mother?" asks Poppy all beady eyed. " No," i say. We draw our selfs standing next to each other then we draw a big square around the picture then another one out side of that one to make it look like a frame then we draw two lines and a circle to make it look like its hanging on the wall with a screw. we decorated the frame and then the bell rang for lunch.

               Everyone handed there work to miss Rosa and ran out side. I wanted to play with Poppy but Alice and her friend came along and started playing with me. I saw Poppy sitting on the bench by her self doing some colouring and said " Why don't we ask Poppy to come play with us it will be more fun." " No it won't she'll just make it boring and anyway she'll say no because she doesn't like playing," Alice says. We go into the lunch hall and eat some lunch there's spaghatti today mmmm! when luch is over i go up to miss Rosa while every one is sitting down and ask her, " can i sit next to Poppy for now on?" " Whats wrong with Alice i hope she's not bieng mean to you," say miss Rosa looking conserned. " No miss its just that Poppy looks lonley and i think she would be more happy to sit with me," i say looking at her as if i really ment it and ovcourse i ment it. "Ok i'll swap you and Tina tomorrow," says miss. " Oh, and miss could you not tell Alice that i asked to sit next to Poppy then her or else she would take it the wrong way?" i ask. Miss Rosa smiles and nods. The afternoon finishes really quikly and soon it is home time. Flair has come to pick me up from school and i look at Poppy with a frown Poppy laughs obviously thinking that i was jokeing around. Flair and i walk home and as we walk closs to the corner shop Flair asks me if i would like to buy some sweets. " No thanks," i say. When i get home Flair gives me a sandwhich and orange juice while i watch t.v then she sits down next to me. " So how was your first day at school?" asks Flair. "Good," i say without taking my eyes off the t.v. " Did you make friends. Oh, remember that girl with the blonde hair she looks kind. Are you two friends?" Flair says. " yeah i made loads of friends and the girl with the blonde hair has a name! her name is Poppy," i say still looking at the t.v. " Oh thats such a sweet name, why don't you ask her to tea or have sleepover. I know why don't you ask all your friends over," says Flair. " Sure when i get to know them better," i say while leaving the room. I go up to my bed room and read my book after a while Flair calls me down stairs to eat my dinner. Dad was sitting at the dinner table and when he saw me he smiled. I sat down next to hime while Flair suved the sausages and rost patatoe. I finished my food a nd went to bed. starting school wasn't as bad as i thought tomorrow i will play with Poppy and...I am fast asleep.

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