Taylor has been beaten by her father ever since her mom died so she gets brought to a foster home and turns that foster home is 1D's house and Harry falls in love with there foster daughter


7. Time to get some zzzz's

Harry POV
I walked up stairs I was so excited I love Louis for doing this. But right now I need to sleep I'll tell Louis, Zayn,Liam,and Niall's daughter about the news but I don't know how she'll take it she might think I don't love her all those thoughts filled my mind I looked at the clock it was already 3:00 am I got in bed and just lied there wishing tomorrow could come quicker but then again I don't want tomorrow to come because Taylor Might think I don't like her god why does life have to be so hard.
I started crying again and I guess it was loud enough for Taylor to hear because I heard a nock on the door I wiped my tear stained cheeks and said come in she opens the door and slowly walked in DAMN she so beautiful she walked up to my bed and said dad I said yes well I was wondering if…
______________________________________________________________________________ CLIFF HANGER xD lol sorry I'm trying to think what really happens lol I don't even know lol well I hope you liked and sorry it's also kinda short xD lol so I'm sick Boo hoo I hate being sick but when I'm sick it gives me more time to right more chapters lol xD well Bye oh and one more thing I need a ship name for Taylor and Harry here are the choices which ever one you comment the most wins ok ship names that you can chose from are
A. Tarry
B. Haylor
And that's all I can think of if you have an idea for a ship name COMMENT lol xD
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