Taylor has been beaten by her father ever since her mom died so she gets brought to a foster home and turns that foster home is 1D's house and Harry falls in love with there foster daughter


2. they found me they

Taylor's POV 
The cops finally came to my house and arrested my dad and anther one brought me to a foster home I was scared because I get bullied at school so I was probably gonna get bullied there too but I guess I'll have to suck it up like at school so we got there and I thanked the cop and he nodded his head and said good bye. 
Harry POV 
Me and the boys were waiting for our foster child and suddenly there was a nock on the door that was probably him/her we didn't know yet we didn't even know its age it could be 1-20 so we had know idea so We all went up to they door and opened it and there was a beautiful girl she was probably either 16 or 17 so yea 
Louis POV 
we interdoced our selves to her she was probably 16 years old but we didn't know so we asked her her name Taylor she said shyly we smiled and I said that's a very pretty name she smiled and said thanks 
Liam POV 
We brought her upstairs to her room and to show her around we hadn't even seen her room yet so it was a surprise to us on what it look like we were about to see it the door was right in front of us all we had to do was turn those door nobs and we'd be in we decided to count down before we started THREE… TWO… ONE!!!!!! 

Taylor's POV 
WOW was all I could say there was a beautiful chandelier and a huge bed and the walls were green and blue it was so cool and there was a a cute little bed side table I turned around to see the boys they looked as surprised as I was I look at them and the said "what?" And I said you look like you never saw this room before I said we haven't they said oh was all I could say. Um… guys I said what?! They all said at the same time like they were in sync we all laughed and then the repeated "what" oh well um I have no clothes or pajamas and I kinda need them to sleep then Harry said you can borrow some of my clothes and I said ok then he gave me a pair of his sweats from his drawer and then he gave a Ramon's shirt and he showed we were the bathroom was

________________________________________________________________________________________________hi yay this ones longer yea im trying to do as much as i can now so if i have a delay in writing i'll have all the ones i made today ^_^

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