Taylor has been beaten by her father ever since her mom died so she gets brought to a foster home and turns that foster home is 1D's house and Harry falls in love with there foster daughter


3. The secret

Taylor's POV 
I walked into the bathroom and shut the door then I slid off my short reveling my scratches and bruise from my dad I cried a little and I think Harry was still outside the door because ask whats wrong I didn't know what to say I don't think they know that I was abused so I just lied to him and said nothing and I guess he didn't Believe me because as soon as I got out of the bathroom he said now tell whats really wrong Nothing I said there has to be something Harry said fine I'll tell you I said but you have to promise me you'll never ever tell a living soul I said he nodded and he lead me to my room and sat down on my bed I walked over to where he was and sat down next to him then he said now tell me whats wrong 
Harry's POV 
I can't believe her father did that to her she was crying and I know it's my duty to comfort her so I pushed her hair behind her ear and then she smiled then I smiled back she told me to get out so she can get some rest so I obeyed and walked out of the room where Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn were standing then Louis finally said what were you doing there? I almost told him then I remembered the promise I made and I said tucking her in they smiled and said good I thought something bad happend then I said nope nothing bad so then we went down stairs to go watch some TV

________________________________________________________________________________________________hi hope you liked im gone do probaly at least two more tonight if im not to lazy xD

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