Taylor has been beaten by her father ever since her mom died so she gets brought to a foster home and turns that foster home is 1D's house and Harry falls in love with there foster daughter


4. opps

Harry's POV 
we were flipping through the channels until we found family guy and we watched that till about 1:00 and then I got up and yawned and said I'm going to bed so I went upstairs and I slowly walked past Jenna's room well if I just check up on her it won't hurt any one so I went in there and saw her there lying peacefully sleeping it was a beautiful sight I just wanted to kiss those lips well she wouldn't now she is sleeping I said to myself so I put my lips to hers and then Louis walks in and gasps and says we are supposed to be her dads not boyfriends and then he walked out.

________________________________________________________________________________________________woah sas masta from doncasta saw them OMG i cant wait to see what happens next (even though i already know i already wrote it lol) ok hope you liked im doing i think one more for the day so check back tommorrow for more chapters xxx

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