Taylor has been beaten by her father ever since her mom died so she gets brought to a foster home and turns that foster home is 1D's house and Harry falls in love with there foster daughter


5. Liam finds out

Chapter 5 
Louis's POV 
I can't believe he was kissing our foster daughter he is a father he shouldn't go making out with his own daughter I was saying to Liam What exactly did he do Liam ask HE KISSED HER I shouted Liam looked very shocked almost as shocked as I was when I saw Harry kissing her then Liam said wait was it like fatherly kiss on the forehead? Nope I said then he just stood there motionless until Harry walk in then he folded his arms and said uh hum 
Harry POV 
I was scared that the would be really hard on me yea I might of kissed our foster daughter but its not like its my birth daughter and at least she close enough to my age I just didn't understand why I'm I am attracted to our daughter ugh. I walked into the living room and Liam looked upset I was even more scared so I couldn't help but start crying.

________________________________________________________________________________________________ok sorry the last chapter said Jenna i got confused with my other fanfic sorry xD ok well i hope you liked xxxx

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