Taylor has been beaten by her father ever since her mom died so she gets brought to a foster home and turns that foster home is 1D's house and Harry falls in love with there foster daughter


6. Harry gets his way

Harry's POV 
I cried right there I said sorry like a million times but they wouldn't except I was balling my eyes out so much I couldn't even see anything except tears and water Louis and Liam still looked very upset I looked at them straight in the and said do you know how hard it is to not be able to her boyfriend I've never ever loved a girl like this I'm deeply in love I don't know why it's with my foster daughter I don't why I did it I'm so sorry you don't even know how confused I am right now Louis unfolded his arms and said are you telling the truth I nodded with tears still in my eyes 
Louis's POV 
I told Harry if he wants we can take his name off the adoption papers so he is not legally her foster dad he was so happy he was jumping up and down and thanked me so many times settle down or you'll wake up up Taylor he said ok and slowly walked up stairs

________________________________________________________________________________________________YAY Harry has a chance with Taylor YAY ^_^ well i hoped you liked lol

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