Mass Effect: Mercenaries

This is a Mass Effect FanFiction for Mass Effect 3, but it is from a different point of view from a character not even heard about.


9. Chapter 9:

Chapter 9:

Wayne took Ancona, Spectra, and myself on board the science ship. He turned to me and said; "Okay, Now that we're in private, the rest of the science officers rushed off the ship, I've been working on something special." He turned to a desk and pulled open a drawer. He turned back to me with something in his hand. "Here." He handed it to me. "What is it?" I asked. "I've made a new type of tech armor that covers the whole body." I uploaded it to my armor system. "Thanks." I said. I turned to leave and he caught my shoulder. "Now wait a minute." I turned back. "What Wayne?" I asked. "I haven't explained it yet, first you have to test it first you can't just use it when ever you want, He turned to a small testing chamber, here step in." I walked inside and the door shut behind me. "Okay start it up Carter." Wayne said through the overhead speaker. I shrugged and activated the armor, then I blacked out. According to what Spectra and Ancona told me this is what happened. I started the armor and then I let out this god awful scream. "What's happening?" Spectra asked Wayne. Wayne turned and said; "The armor puts the user in a kind of blood rage similar to a Krogans own, the user's heart and pulse rate exceed that of normal speeds so that his or her's body moves faster and time seems to slow down in their mind. At that point I activated duel Omni-blades and dove for the three of them putting the blades straight through the glass. According to what Spectra saw I had a pure animal blood lust in my eyes, then I looked right at Spectra and the lust died out and I backed away from the glass and the tech armor blinked out. After a couple seconds I fell to the ground unconscious. I woke up in a room of the science ship, Ancona was standing at the side of my bed with Spectra sitting on the other side and Wayne, his science officers, and all my men waiting for me. "Aw shit, who died?" I said sarcastically. At that they were all up and at my bed side. Ancona, Spectra, and all my female troopers that were left we're hugging me, while all my male troops were clapping and whooping. As I looked around, the science officers were running diagnostics. "Okay that's it, there's to much love in the room. Ladies please back off, stop hugging me, men calm down over there. Wayne get your ass over here now." I watched Wayne fight his way through the crowd to get to me. "Da?" He said. I grabbed the collar of his armor and pulled him down closer to me. "What the hell happened?" I asked. Then he went through this big, long speech of the tech armor's side affects. At the end I had one question for him. "What would happen if I used it twice in a row without rest first?" He shook his head. "You don't want to." I cocked my head. "Why?" I asked. He backed up and said; "Because your heart would explode and your body would break down faster than before you could say "oops." I gave him a questioning look. He sighed and said; "You would vaporize." Then Spectra cut in. "So there is a risk in using this?" Wayne nodded slowly and said; "Yes there is, if you don't give your body a chance to cool down it will over heat and die." Ancona finally spoke up. "Is there a way to help this?" I swiveled my head to look at her and my eyes narrowed. The other night when I saw her hair I thought it was just blonde, but now seeing her in the light I saw her hair was actually white, like someone had scared her half to death. Then Wayne responded to her question. "Yes, I been working on it but there is something missing, and besides there may be a chance his body will adapt to this...unlike the others." I leaned up in surprise. "Others!?" I asked in amazement. He nodded and said; "Yes I have tested this armor on other races like, Asari, Quarians, Salarians, Drell, and Turians but none of them survived." I shook my head in disgust. "How could you do that Wayne?" He backed up a couple feet. "I did it in the name of science." He said. Science my ass. I cursed under my breath. Just then an Asari commando came in. "Wayne, She said, Cerberus troopers are coming toward our location." He nodded and said; "Okay let's move out." Oh no we can't just run and hide. I thought to myself. "No, I said, my men and I will fight while you go." He turned back toward me. "You always were kind hearted toward me comrade, so now I shall return your kindness." He turned to the Asari commando once again. "Sala come here." The commando walked over and Wayne put his arm around her shoulders. "Carter this is my wife Sala T'Uris, she, her commandos and myself will fight with you." I nodded and then swung my legs over the side of my bed and stood. "As long as you can get me armored in enough time." He smirked and said; "Trust me we can." I nodded to him and said back; "Well alright then."
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