Mass Effect: Mercenaries

This is a Mass Effect FanFiction for Mass Effect 3, but it is from a different point of view from a character not even heard about.


8. Chapter 8:

Chapter 8:

We had just made it to Wall street when we were engaged, but this time it was Cerberus. A Cerberus attack squad made up of four Guardians, three Nemesis and nine Troopers. Luckily Spectra's snipers took out the Nemesis pretty quickly. Ancona and my men went for the Troopers while I went for the Guardians. I ran forward and put my Omni-blade through one's visor and there for, his face. He dropped to the ground as I swept another Guardian's feet. He dropped his shield to catch his balance so I dropped him. I choke slammed him so hard that his neck broke under his own weight. I ran up and put my Omni- blade through one's rifle then slashed his chest open and was sprayed with blood and viscera. Then before the last one could react I drew my pistol and put a round in his head. I looked up and saw Ancona pull her sword from a Trooper's chest. I counted my men then recounted. There was only nine of them, Pvt. Lovern and Pvt. Perez were missing. "Lovern, Perez." I shouted. After a couple seconds I heard; "Here." It was Perez she was sitting on the ground with a bullet wound in her arm. "Corvo, I shouted, find Lovern." Corvo saluted and started searching. I turned back toward my men. "Corporal Pentel." I shouted. "Sir?" he yelled back. "Get to Perez." I barked. Pentel was my medic so he ran over and started dressing her wound. Just then Corvo found Lovern. "Sir, he shouted, Over here." I walked over to him and looked we're he was pointing. There was Lovern laying on the ground dead from multiple gun shot wounds. "Thanks lieutenant." I said. I unhooked Lovern's tags. Private Brian Lovern age 23 ht 5'12 wt 186 lbs. Shit. I cursed under my breath as I added his tags to my collection. Ancona put her hand on my shoulder. "I'm sorry Carter it's my fault, I didn't watch them close enough." I shook my head. "No it's ones to blame for the lives tragedies take, I stood up and turned to face her, just me." At that Corvo spoke up. "Sir if I may say?" I nodded to him. "The only thing you're to blame for is being human...we chose each other and we'll die together." I lightly punched his shoulder. "Thanks brother." I said. I turned back toward my troops. "Pentel, I shouted, how's Perez?" Perez responded instead."I'm good sir, nothing some medi- gel couldn't fix." At about that point we heard this god awful scream. It sounded like nails on a chalk board. "What the fuck was that?" Corvo shouted. Then we saw what it was as a Banshee came into view. "Oh shit, I said, BANSHEE, EVERYBODY BACK!!" Spectra yelled into the comms "Snipers bring it down!" Four or five shots rang out. I turned to Corvo. "Lieutenant, you're in charge until I get back." He saluted me. "Men, he said, shoot the hell out of it." I ran to the nearest building and shouldered my way through what used to be it's doors. Then I ran to the stairwell and took the stairs three at a time. When I got to the second floor I ran to the closest window and got my Cobra. I watched the court yard as I loaded up. I took aim and fired a rocket but the banshee used it's biotic powers and dashed out of the way. "Corvo, I shouted, keep it from moving." He motioned to the men and they surrounded it. I reloaded and fired again this time I hit it and then all fire ceased as the smoke cleared. When it did the Banshee was on the ground smoking. Then something moved in the background and then it came into the clear. "Oh shit, I said into the comm link, Corvo turn around." He did just in time to get tackled by the husk. He fell back wrestling with it as Ancona put her sword through it's head and kicked it off of him. She held out her hand for Corvo. Corvo took it and stood up. "Thanks." he said. I just got back to the court yard when it happened. A Destroyer appeared and crashed into the ground shaking us all off balance. Then we were attacked by ravagers and marauders. "Everyone back, I shouted, don't take unnecessary risks stay clear of that Destroyer." As we ran for cover we were engaged by two or three Brutes. Oh shit we were gonna get massacred. " FALL BACK , GET TO COVER!!" I yelled over the shock waves. We all ran as fast as we could back to fifth avenue and got behind cover. I looked back and forth at my men. "Form a firing line, let's slaughter these assholes." I barked. We all put our rifles on the edge of the rubble we were using for cover and fired all we had at them. What we didn't count on was being flanked by husks. One jumped on Perez so I grabbed it, threw it to the ground, and put two or three rounds in it's head. "Corvo, I shouted, bring those bastards down." He saluted me then turned back to the firing line. I turned to Ancona. "Ancona you're with me." I dropped my rifle and activated my Omni-blade. Then we turned and started a counter assault. We put as much space between us and the firing line as we could without losing visual. We ran about forty feet away from the rest of the troops. "Come on Ancona we gotta move, gotta move." The two of us skidded to a halt then turned to face them. A husk ran straight toward me and dove. As it did I ducked and grabbed it's shoulders then threw it to the ground. I pulled my arm back and put my Omni-blade through it's face. I stood back up as a husk flew toward me, I put all my strength into my right leg and kicked it square in the chest. As my boot impacted it's chest the metal in the husk's body crumpled inward from the force. It flew back about three feet and hit the ground in a shower of sparks. I turned to look at Ancona as she slashed one in half with her swords. Then there was a flash of movement and a sharp pain in my wrist. I looked down and saw a husk biting my Omni-blade. "Aw shit!!" I yelled. The Omni-tool blinked out as I jerked my arm free of it's mouth. I grabbed my combat knife/bayonet and stabbed the husk in the eye. I saw the tip of the blade come out the back of it's head. Then I pulled the blade back out and kicked it right in the face. I turned back to the troops, a Brute was right on top of them. I took aim and threw my combat knife/bayonet, some how in an amazing stroke of luck, the blade caught the beast in the eye. It quickly went down and slid across the ground stopping just in front of us. I ran up Cobra at the ready and fired a rocket, hitting the Brute head on. Suddenly a pair of missiles flew over and hit the Destroyer in the leg. The joint buckled and it fell over shaking the ground and putting us all off balance again. Then rounds started flying in and tore the rest of the Reapers apart. "Hold fire!" I yelled to my men. Two drop ships landed near us, one in the back and one in front. The one behind us was a medical ship, while the one in the front was a science officer's ship. Ancona came up behind me. "Who is it?" she asked. "An old friend." I said. Wayne Van Kamp stepped out of the science officer's ship. Then he reached up with his one bionic hand and one normal hand then took off his helmet. "Carter my old comrade." He said in his heavy Russian accent. I looked around, Perez was gone again. I held up my hand. "Hold that thought Wayne." I did a quick 360. But she was no where in sight. "Perez." I yelled. "Here." she yelled back. She was in the corner holding her shoulder. I walked over. "You okay?" I asked. "My arm, she said, I can't move it." I crouched down. "Let me see." I said. She moved her hand and I knew what was wrong. There was a slight bulge in her skin suit near her shoulder joint. Her collar bone was broken. I took her helmet off and cupped her face in my hands. "Sweetheart now listen to me okay, your collar bone is broken and I have to set it." She nodded slightly. I set one hand on the left side of the base of her neck and my other hand on her forearm. "Wait." she said. She reached back with her working hand and grabbed her knife. "What are you doing?" I asked. She put the hilt of the blade in her mouth and bit down. I nodded and said; "Good, that will help because this is going to hurt like hell, that's good thinking." I squeezed down on her arm and neck. "On the count of three, one, two, three." I yanked her arm toward me and heard a loud snap. "Ahh!, Fuck!!" She yelled through her teeth. She spit the knife out of her mouth with tears in her eyes as she pulled her arm in close to her chest. "That was good honey now I'm gonna carry you to the medics okay." She reached out toward me and I picked her up, she didn't weigh very much maybe 120 or 125. We walked over to the medical ship and I set her on her feet, then I walked her to a bench and sat her down. "You're gonna be okay?" I turned to walk off when she said; "Thank you sir." I glanced back then stepped off. Wayne was out side waiting for me. "I've never seen that much compassion for a trooper from an officer." I nodded and shook his dark silver bionic hand. He squeezed my hand and turned my wrist to the side to look at the bite mark in my armor. "What happened there?"
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