Mass Effect: Mercenaries

This is a Mass Effect FanFiction for Mass Effect 3, but it is from a different point of view from a character not even heard about.


7. Chapter 7:

Chapter 7:

I woke up the next morning at 0500 hrs and sure enough there was Ancona still awake sitting in her window. I stood and walked over to her. "Hey." I said yawning. "Morning." She said in response. I looked over at the sleeping troopers. "We need to get them up and moving." I said. She put on her helmet. "Got it." she said. When she stood and stretched I finally saw how tall she really was. Holy shit I thought to myself. She was an amazon, almost as tall as I was. She had to be at least 6'1. She picked up her swords and waited for me to tell her what to do. "Start with the officers and work your way down okay?" She nodded and walked over to 2nd lieutenant Corvo. She nudged him with her foot till he woke up. It took about an hour to get them all armored and moving. We walked out of the building and started down 5th Avenue when we were re-engaged by Reapers. Spectra, Ancona, and I lead the counter assault. I charged a husk at full speed and hit it head on. I smashed my shoulder into it with all my strength. I felt it's chest buckle under my weight as it's eyes sparked and exploded. I looked to my left and saw Ancona swing her sword and take a marauder's head off. It's body spun around and she put her blades through it's back, then she kicked the monster to the ground. I looked up and saw another husk running toward me. I put my Omni-blade through it's head. It fell to it's knees and I pulled the blade back and kneed it in the head. The metal in it's face buckled under the force. I looked to my right and saw Spectra clothes line a husk in the head with the butt end of her Widow II. It's metal face bent inward from the impact, it's head snapped back so hard that it's neck exploded in sparks. Spectra swung the rifle over to me and I grabbed it. I brought it up to my shoulder, aimed, and fired a round into the head of the cannible coming toward me. The back of it's head exploded out behind it. Then I threw the rifle back to Spectra. As I did a husk jumped on me from behind. I grabbed it's arm and threw it to the ground. It got back up so I grabbed it's wrist and punched it's shoulder as hard as I could. I felt the joint buckle, I activated my Omni-blade and put it through it's mouth. Then I pulled my arm back and stabbed the husk in the shoulder and felt it's arm loosen, so I pulled and it's arm came off in my hands. I swung around and smacked it in the side of the head, it flew about two feet to my right. I drew my pistol and fired two shots into it's head, one for each eye. Then I turned around and checked my men and that's when I saw him. It was Hanson, he was laying on the ground with his throat torn out. I walked up to him and grabbed his tags from around what used to be his neck and added them to my collection. Now only 11 of my men remained. They were dropping like flies around us. I shook my head. "Sorry buddy." I said. I looked up at my men. "Corvo, I said, check those Reapers make sure they're all dead." He saluted. "Yes sir." I turned back and walked past Ancona and Spectra up a hill of rubble over looking more of the street. "I'm so sorry Carter." Spectra said. I glanced back at her. "Don't worry about it Spec, I looked at my feet, it's not your burden to carry... I failed them not you." She grabbed my shoulder. "You didn't fail anyone." I grabbed the tags on my belt. "Tell that to them." I said.
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