Mass Effect: Mercenaries

This is a Mass Effect FanFiction for Mass Effect 3, but it is from a different point of view from a character not even heard about.


6. Chapter 6:

Chapter 6:

We got to the court yard in about three minutes, but the Phantom wasn't there. I did a quick 180 spin. "Snipers, I said into the comm link, do you have eyes on?" After a few seconds I heard; "Negative, nothing." Shit, I cursed under my breath, "Where could she be?" Then it hit me or she did rather. She kicked me hard in between the shoulder blades. Before I could get up she was running toward my men. She was running for 2nd lieutenant Corvo, but she didn't get there fast enough because I was there, Omni-blade ready and I blocked her sword. She jumped back into a defensive position. "Hold fire." I said. She looked me up and down then said; "Why would and officer risk his life for his men?" I put my head down and said; "Because I've lost too many already." And I was gonna lose a lot more. That's when she must have noticed my collection of tags. She nodded and lowered her swords. I deactivated my Omni-blade and took off my helmet. "Listen, I said, we need your help." She looked at me. "Why?" She asked. "Because, I said, Earth is destroyed...but we remain." She looked at the tags then at me. "Alright I'll help you on one condition." I nodded. "Sure." She looked at me for a second. "That I'm remembered like that." I nodded toward the tags. "Do you have a name?" I asked. "Ancona, she said, Ancona Alana." Just then we were engaged by Reapers. I yelled to my troopers. "WEAPONS FREE, WEAPONS FREE!" I pulled my helmet back on and used my Omni-blade to take a husk's head off. Then another jumped on me. I threw it off and hooked it's head between my left forearm and my chest. I pulled my arm in until it's head buckled under the pressure. Suddenly the ground shook and I looked up as a Brute barreled through my men, trampling two, and head butting one into the wall behind me, killing them all instantly. It saw me and I saw it, we charged each other. Omni-blade at the ready I jumped to the side at the last second and pulled it through the behemoth's side. It fell to the ground, not dead but not moving either, I walked up to it and stabbed it through the eye. Now it was dead. I turned and walked up to my dead troops and collected their tags. Two corporals and a private. Corporal John Cross age 32 ht 6'1 wt 185 lbs. Corporal Mike Sobel age 29 ht 5'11 wt 169 lbs. Then Private Michelle Melo age 30 ht 5'6 wt 130 lbs. I shook my head, that only left 12 troopers besides Ancona, myself, Spectra, and her snipers. Ancona walked up to me and looked at the tags in my hand. "All the pain in your eyes, I looked up at her, did you know them well?" I pulled my helmet back on and stood up. "Not well enough." I said as I added their tags to my collection. " Scuse' me." I said. I stepped past her. "Men check'em make sure they're all dead. "I drew my pistol and fired two rounds into a husk's head. I looked up and noticed that it was getting dark. We couldn't get caught in the dark. "Men let's move, no night ops." We headed back to the main building and made camp. Eventually we all fell asleep and about two hours later I woke up. I don't know why even today, but I looked up and saw Ancona sitting in a window sill with her helmet sitting in her lap. I slid out from under Spectra's arm and walked over to her. "Don't you ever sleep?" I asked. She barely glanced back at me. "Nope." She said. "Ever!?" I pried. She shook her head. "When you sleep your brain does too, all but the animal side...the primal side, that's why I don't sleep." I sighed. "Explain." I said. "When you train to be a Phantom she began, they teach you to harness your animality until it's all you know, so that you're always alert." She turned to look at me. She wasn't grotesque but she wasn't gorgeous either. She was right on the border line of attractive and pretty, and she had the most electrifying ghostly blue eyes I had ever seen as well as a pair of dueling scars on her cheeks and another small scar on her chin, she also had a nice tan. I then noticed she was giving me the up and down look so I straightened up to my full height of 6'3. Her eyes finally drifted to my chest and abs. Then she blushed and looked away. "What?" I asked. She looked at me. "I'm sorry that I looked at you that way." I put my hand on her shoulder. "That's okay, I said, hell I get the same look from other women too." She looked into my eyes. "Really?" She asked. "Of course." I answered. I patted her shoulder. "Just try and get some shut eye." I walked back to Spectra and laid down. After a while I fell asleep again and that was it.
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