Mass Effect: Mercenaries

This is a Mass Effect FanFiction for Mass Effect 3, but it is from a different point of view from a character not even heard about.


4. Chapter 4:

Chapter 4:

"Lieutenant?" I woke from my dream and stood up. "Lieutenant?" I heard again."Coming." I called back, I walked up to the cockpit. "What's up pilot?" I asked. The pilot turned to me. "Sir, we just got word from the bridge, we're launching in a minute." I nodded. "Copy that, I said, let me say something before we go." I turned back to my troops. "My friends before we go into battle I have something to say, We are fathers and mothers, We are husbands and wives, We are brothers and sisters, and we are sons and daughters, But most of all we are soldiers. We will not stop fighting until every one of those bastards are dead and we will not fall no matter how hard they hit us." As I watched the men and women under my command nod to themselves I knew some of them were scared. "Look to each other, I said, because when we get down there each other is all we're gonna have...We'll be landing under fire...People will die, good luck to us all." I turned back and grabbed the pilots chair as we launched. Once we were out I turned and walked back through the isle in between my men, about half way down a girl spoke up; "Sir, she said. I stopped and turned to her. "Yes private?" she looked down at my feet then back at me. "We're gonna make it aren't we sir?" I put my hand on her shoulder and said; "Just stay behind me." Just then something shook the ship. "What the shit, I shouted, did something just hit us?" The pilot yelled back. "Sir up here." I rushed back up to the cock pit as fast as I could. "What's going on pilot?" I asked. "Sir, he responded, we have targets coming in at vector alpha three, two, niner." After a few seconds we could hear rounds bouncing off the outer shell of the drop ship and then an explosion shook us hard. The two of us looked out the window to see another drop ship fly past in a ball of fire and metal. "How much longer?" I asked. "Not much." the pilot said. "Ladies and Gentlemen get ready to defend yourselves." I yelled to my troops. They all put on their helmets and grabbed their rifles. I put on my helmet as they all stood. We hit the ground and the door burst open and as it did one of my men was immediately sniped then more rounds hit the walls behind us. "MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!!!" I yelled. We all ran off the ship and dove for cover, as we did two more of my men were sniped out. In my ten years in the Alliance I memorized the names of all my dead troopers and made sure they were never forgotten...made sure that I never forgot them. In the end some of them had family, for others their only family were their brothers in arms...back to the story. Two more rounds flew over head. "Holy shit!" One of my troopers yelled as he stood from his cover. When he did his head splattered in a spray of viscera and gore. "Stay down, I yelled, Stay down, private stay down!" The private yelled back; "What are we gonna do Sir!?" I drew my pistol and tapped the muzzle on the ground to make up a mental map from echo as I was taught by my mentor. Once I had it I threw my arm over my head and fired three shots, and just like that, all fire ceased. We all stood to see the sniper dead on the ground. Then we all walked up around it. I nudged it's head with my foot. "What is it?" One trooper said. I turned to my troops. "That, I began, is a Cerberus sniper, they're called Nemesis. "As they all looked at the dead Cerberus I walked back to the LZ and collected the tags of my fallen troopers. I then checked the name of one of the troopers. "Oh god no." I said aloud. It was the girl from the drop ship. Her name was Lynze Saffron age 27 ht 5'5 wt 112 lbs, she was young and she died keeping my promise because on the drop ship, she really was behind me. Suddenly a blade was at my throat. "Tell me, I could tell who it was by the voice, would you honor me this way?" I stood up. "Depends, I said, would you watch me die?" At that the blade pulled back and arms came instead in a tight and warm embrace. "Of course not." Spectra said. Trying not to draw attention to us I pulled away. I turned to look at her. "So tell me did you come alone, or did you bring friends?" At that three more Quarians came out of invisibility. "Good." I said. I turned back to my troopers and tied the tags to my belt. "Men we found our snipers."
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