Mass Effect: Mercenaries

This is a Mass Effect FanFiction for Mass Effect 3, but it is from a different point of view from a character not even heard about.


21. Chapter 21:

Chapter 21:

Finally the time had come, it was time to fight back. I stood up in the moonless night, and put my hand on the edge of the debris that I was using for cover as I threw myself over. My men too jumped over their pieces of cover and together we slid down the wall of the crater the Cerberus had made. As we hit the floor of the crater my men and I dropped flat on our stomachs. "Set up." I whispered into the comm link and watched as my men pulled their rifles up to their shoulders. "Snipers, I said, take out their eyes." At that several rounds flew in taking down four or five of them. The Cerberus started to panic as more rounds flew down toward them. It was time to end this. "Men, I said into the comm link, light 'em up." We let off a barrage of gun fire and tore them apart, the Atlas turned and unloaded it's cannons at us. Rounds flew past my head and into the ground. "Here they come, Here they come brothers, fight my brothers, FIGHT!!" I shouted as we all stood and ran in to collide with the Cerberus forces. I clothes lined an Trooper and he fell back onto the ground as I drew my pistol and fired three rounds into his head. Another Trooper ran toward me and I fired another round into his face, he dropped flat on his back and I unloaded half a clip from my rifle into a Guardian's shield. He was so distracted by shielding himself that he left his side open and I curved around to knife him in the neck. He dropped flat on the ground, as I threw my pistol at a Trooper. He blocked it as I finished off the clip from my rifle. His chest armor came apart as if it was being unzipped. I looked over and saw Ancona slash a Trooper's head off, as she did another Phantom came running toward her. I dropped my rifle and drew one of my combat knives, took aim and threw it hitting her square in the chest. She dropped clutching at the blade as Ancona turned in surprise. I ducked just in time as a Trooper swung his arm over my head. I stood quickly, drawing my other knife and grabbing his arm, I put my leg behind his, stabbed him in the chest and brought him to the ground. Then I activated my Omni- blades and slashed across another Trooper's stomach, he doubled over as I kneed him in the face hard enough to break his neck. The ground shook as the Atlas came up behind me, I turned and climbed up it's leg and put my Omni- blades through the pilot's cockpit glass and into her chest. I then jumped back to the ground and slid under it's legs before tackling another Cerberus Trooper with my blades in his chest. The Atlas fell as I stood and beheaded another Trooper, then I pulled back and kicked the headless body to the ground. I jumped as a shot flew in behind me and turned to see a Nemesis fell dead with a hole through her head. I looked up and saw Caesar standing about three feet away holding his Valiant on his shoulder. Then Anthony ran past me and sniped a Guardian near Sala. I looked back at Caesar just before he got stabbed in the back, as the blade exited his chest a Phantom stood behind him and kicked him to the ground. I ran up and tore the Phantom in half with my Omni- blades and was splashed with blood. As I looked at Caesar on the ground I entered a spite of rage I activated my tech armor, again the blood rage kicked in as everything was slowed down. I ran up and tore apart the nearest Trooper. I spun and slashed straight through a Guardian's shield and stabbed him in the stomach. Blood pored from the holes in his gut and pooled on the ground as I beheaded the Trooper to the right of me, a fountain of blood spewed out of his neck and sprayed me with dark viscera as I kicked him down to the ground. Soon I realized I liked killing these men and it frightened me, but I couldn't stop myself as I ripped one in half and was sprayed with blood. I grabbed another Trooper and stabbed him in the head with my Omni- blade, I watched as the blade exited the back of his head in an splatter of viscera. Then I pulled back and snapped his neck so hard that his head almost turned completely around from my inhuman strength created by the tech armor. Then I ducked and slashed off the arm of the Nemesis coming toward me, she let out a long, loud scream of pain just before I tore her in two. The two halves of her body fell to the ground in a spray of blood, as I let out a terribly maniacal laugh of joy. It was as if a demon had taken over my body, and I was scared of it. It seemed like the laugh went on for an hour before finally everything sped up again. I turned choke slammed another Nemesis into the concrete road below us and felt her neck break under the force, then I looked up and watched as the last Cerberus Trooper fell dead. It was over, we had won, we would survive. As a alliance drop ship flew in to pick us up, I felt a wave of relief and happiness wash over me. As the door of the drop ship opened I saw Perez standing inside holding her rifle in one hand, and holding out her other one for me to climb inside, and then I had no doubt that we would be okay. However I didn't get on right away, I stayed and checked the rest of my men as they got on when finally, Anthony carried Caesar on board and I assigned a medical trooper to help them. The flight back was long as we thought of all we had done and all we had seen, we got back to the capital ship in about four hours. Then over a course of a few weeks we were individually debriefed on the situation of the past year and a half. After our month long debriefings we were awarded for our bravery. We were all awarded with a Medal of Honor as well as the Silver Star, and in some cases the Purple Heart. But it didn't matter what they gave us, it didn't change what we had done out there, or what we hadn't done. No medal could bring back the dead, because it's forbidden by both man and nature itself, you can't bring back what's dead, the creation of life is best left up to the hands of God and God alone. I understand that now, and I hope that you readers do as well. After all this story was made and told just for and no one else.

With the war over I look back on all those years we spent training for it and then realize that it was nothing like what we trained for. In the end Caesar and Anthony were okay, they actually became members of the Alliance sniper teams, Promethium and the Geth stayed to fight with the Alliance as well. Wayne and Sala retired and went on to live normal lives, much as Spectra and I did. Ancona stayed with the Alliance after the war and took command of all the other turned Cerberus troopers. A few months after the war I made a memorial for all the dead with the tags I had collected. They were all there, but Corvo's, those stayed with me. Sala and Spectra meet on a regular basis to help train her with her biotic powers. Now Spectra and I are expecting a child, but that however is a story for another time. Remember this fact, when we stop fighting for each other is when we lose our humanity, so never fight for just yourself, fight those around you as well, think of them as your family, because in war everyone is your family. This is Carter Mustang saying goodbye and good luck in the choices you make...for they could change the world.
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