Mass Effect: Mercenaries

This is a Mass Effect FanFiction for Mass Effect 3, but it is from a different point of view from a character not even heard about.


20. Chapter 20:

Chapter 20:

The next few weeks were spent hiding until we could make another move, when we left the abandoned apartment we were camping in, it was finally spring, the season of new life, but it seemed that wasn't the case for us. Because today was our final march on the enemy, it was our death march toward oblivion. We stepped outside and I immediately sent scouts out to check the area, after a few minutes they came back. "All clear." Sharon said. I nodded and we set off into the melting snow. The next few hours went on without any problems, just like Sharon and Magno had promised. But, however they weren't completely accurate, we were engaged by Reaper at about 12:37hrs. We fought for about twenty minutes and as I tore the head off a husk, I realized that I remembered this place. It was where I met Spectra for the first time all those years ago. The apartment that she was in was demolished and the sidewalk the Turian was on was scarred and broken, it was destroyed, nothing remained of the past. "Men, I said, time to change our armor again." We somehow spent less time changing back into our armor than before, we left a few minutes after we were done changing our armor. We headed west toward ninth street and caught up with Promethium and the other Geth about an hour later. "Promethium my friend, I said setting my hand on his shoulder, how are you today?" He said back in response; "We are alive and that's good enough isn't it?" I nodded as he turned to walk with me. Ever since the house explosion accident he always walked with a slight gimp, Wayne had made several repairs but it didn't change anything, I guess it was scar of war. "Tell me, he began, how far are we from our place of attack?" I shook my head and said back; "Not far." Then we heard a gun shot and we all dropped into a defensive position but one trooper. "Sorry, he said, my finger slipped." We all stood up as I called out; "False alarm." Finally after another hour we got to our place of attack. Multiple Cerberus troopers were walking around, and then we spotted an atlas. "Oh shit, I cursed aloud, I wasn't expecting this." I turned to my men and said; "Men settle in, we're gonna have to what until tonight if we want to attack. They all nodded and set up camp, we were gonna win this fight, for humanity and for ourselves. But most of all we would win this for our dead men and allies.
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