Mass Effect: Mercenaries

This is a Mass Effect FanFiction for Mass Effect 3, but it is from a different point of view from a character not even heard about.


2. Chapter 2:

Chapter 2:

It was a small wedding, after all neither one of us had family. It was basic; preacher, best man, maid of honor, and witnesses. All former clients, fellow assassins, and mercenaries, I might add, but they were friends so why did it matter? Anyway you know how they say it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding? Well with a Quarian it's true. They may be close to humans but they have extremely weak immune systems so she had to be in an air tight sterile environment or any thing in the air will make her sick. That said you can imagine how great a honeymoon would be. At the alter when I heard the piano I couldn't help but look, i saw her coming down the isle in her gorgeous shape fitting wedding dress. It showed off her figure perfectly from her well shaped breasts to her wide hips and shapely legs. She was truly perfection in itself nothing could make that day more perfect. At the reception we only got two gifts, one from our friends and one to Spectra from me. From our friends we got about four thousand credits, from me Spectra got a brand new Widow II and since our wedding was at the citadel she could use the firing range upstairs later. After everybody left we headed upstairs. On our way we saw a man running the other way screaming; "EARTH IS HIT, EARTH IS HIT, REAPERS, THEIR EVERYWHERE, THEIR KILLING EVERYONE!!" As everyone panicked we ran to the nearest monitor. It was flashing live feeds of earth. Sydney was gone, Hong Kong was wiped out, good luck trying to get to New York, London, or Rio. Indianapolis was just a crater in the ground as well as LA, DC, and Houston. Only one we hadn't seen yet was Vancouver and then suddenly there it was. Vancouver, our home, everything was destroyed. We stood and watched as our home city burned. I couldn't bear it and I tore myself away to look at Spectra. As I looked at her, underneath that expressionless visor I knew she was horrified. I reached down and took her hand in mine and listened to everyone panicking in the background. That's how we knew we had to fight back, we had to kill them all. You who are reading this think, "Hey this guy kills people I can do this." Well you're wrong. it's never easy to kill someone, because we were never meant to kill each other. But we do because war is in our blood, it's part of us and though we fight for peace, peace will never come. There will always be warriors, and there will always be war. As mercenaries and assassins sure we kill but it's more to protect than destroy. As you continue to read you'll understand.
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