Mass Effect: Mercenaries

This is a Mass Effect FanFiction for Mass Effect 3, but it is from a different point of view from a character not even heard about.


19. Chapter 19:

Chapter 19:

The moon was high in the night sky, and it was a full moon too. "Snipers ready?" I asked into the comm link. After a few seconds I heard back from them. "Sniper one ready, said Spectra, Sniper two ready, Craan said, Snipers three and four in position, said the twins in unison, Sniper five ready." I turned and looked at my men behind me. Wayne, Sala, and Ancona nodded as they armed themselves. I nodded and turned to look down the hill toward the Reaper forces at the bottom of the valley. I threw my arm over my head and we charged down the hill, our snipers fired rounds into the mob as we ran down the valley. Six or seven of the reapers dropped to the ground after their heads exploded in sparks and flames. We all began shooting into the mass that was the Reaper forces. Lines after lines of them dropped dead as our bullets ripped into the machine's bodies, then we finally hit each other, our forces and theirs, Omni- blades ready I clothes lined a pair of husks taking off their heads in a flurry of sparks. I impaled ones chest and turned to take off another's leg, then I grabbed my rifle and unloaded a clip into a cannible's face, it's head ripped apart into chunks of flesh and metal. I drew my pistol and fired four rounds into a husk's face, I looked up and saw Wayne and Sala fighting back-to-back ripping apart Reapers with their rifles. As they fired off rounds from their rifles the air around them lit up as if the air itself was bursting into flames. I fired two more rounds from my pistol into an approaching marauder's head. It's head exploded into sparks and fire as it fell back on the ground dead. After about an hour of this it was over, or so we thought, as the last Reaper fell dead Cerberus Troopers flew in on their drop ships. Before we could react bullets came flying in and took out four or five of the Geth so we unloaded rounds at the drop ships. Two of Sala's commandos were taken down by the unloading Cerberus troopers, then our snipers fired and dropped some of them. Nothing could be done, we had to fall back, without the man power and without the ammunition we couldn't hold our ground. "Fall back, I yelled, fall back, we can't stay here." We all turned and took off, firing our rifles the whole way. We needed help but from where would we get it? Time was running out for us, and we knew it. Finally we met up with our snipers and as we ran Spectra yelled to me; "Where are we going?" I shook my head and yelled back; "Just follow me." We finally stopped as we got to the city. "Dig in." I told my men. They all found cover and made a V shaped firing line facing the valley. Just then a cloud drifted in front of the moon and everything went pitch black, the only way we knew where the Cerberus were was from the lights on their armor. That gave me another idea. "Men, I said, shoot at anything that glows red." When the lights of the Cerberus helmets came into view we unloaded on them and the air was illuminated from the gun fire of our rifles. There was far more than we could handle by ourselves, we were going to get slaughtered, all of us. We fired and fired our rifles into the oncoming army, as the Cerberus returned fire one of my men, three Asari commandos, and four more Geth were taken down. The Cerberus were almost on top of us, when rounds flew in over head and ripped through the Cerberus army. We all turned and saw the science officer's ship fly in over head, then another ship came in and let loose a flurry of bullets. "Thank god." I whispered to myself, as yet another ship flew in over head. Then my men and I let loose more gun fire from our rifles, soon after the Cerberus retreated as the sun came up. The ships landed and unloaded men and we thanked them. They gave us some supplies and then they left.
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